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News: Alternate Exams, Missouri Is In, DC Dustup, & More

Alternate exams questioned as test scores rise in Virginia Washington Post
Lynbrook Elementary School, which serves one of the poorest communities in Fairfax County, seems to be a model for reform. Three years ago, the Springfield school failed to meet state testing goals in English. . News-clipart

Missouri to compete for federal stimulus funds for school reform Kansas City Star
US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said peer review teams would evaluate the applications. Winners of opening round funds will be announced in the spring ...

DC Schools Chief Targets Tenure Wall Street Journal
Education Secretary Arne Duncan has extolled other school districts, such as in New Haven, Conn., that have brokered deals recently with their unions, ...

Financial Woes, Layoffs Plaguing D.C. Schools PBS
John Merrow of Learning Matters revisits the Washington, D.C., public school system, which is struggling with budgetary constraints and teacher layoffs amid reform efforts.

Academic Researchers’ Conflicts of Interest Go Unreported EdWeek
A report found that universities often do not disclose faculty members’ conflicts of interest in government-financed studies.


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Thanks for the link to John Merrow who presented at least one “smoking gun” in the DC case.

MICHELLE RHEE: In D.C., we actually cannot do that. By law, we can only move a personnel action form forward if there is a vacancy at a school level, and then there is a budget to support that…

JACK EVANS, Council of the District of Columbia: I don’t believe she over-hired, with the intent then of firing teachers that she didn’t want there. I don’t think that’s what happened. And, even if it did, so what? You know, Michelle Rhee is in charge of the schools.

Even if Rhee makes shortterm improvements they can’t be sustained unless they are legal.

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