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Love Triangles, Asperger Runaways, Poor Kids, Etc.

An education love triangle joins forces to invade Washington Post Gotham Schools Good will and holiday cheer all around as Michelle Rhee’s current fiance endorses her ex-husband in his quest to get a column in the newspaper Rhee spurns.
Tween Protests Anomie of Modern Urban Life  GawkerPicture 69
Francisco Hernandez—after being warned by his mom that she needed to have a serious talk with him about his performance at school—hopped on a subway train with ten dollars in his pocket and just rode the rails. For eleven f'ing days, before a transit cop recognized his face from a poster.

Should School Reformers Pay More Attention to the Non-Academic Needs of Poor Children? EdNext
Joe Williams and Pedro Noguera debate the proposition in Poor Schools or Poor Kids?, an article just published on the Ed Next website.

From Test Takers to Test Makers ASCD Inservice
Norwegian educator Kari Smith found that her students who were good at retaining factual knowledge and answering what and when questions often did well on tests but did not necessarily understand the material. In contrast, students who did understand the material and the relationships between facts had trouble demonstrating that knowledge at test time.

While N.Y inner-city schools struggle for survival... Small Talk
"Ross Global, Courtney Ross’s new charter school, is holistic, organic, Ayurvedic, artistic, and evolutionary. But when you’re building an educational Utopia, there are going to be some casualties."

Is Wall Street Stealing Our Rhodes Scholars?  The Atlantic Wire
Is something wrong if the crème de la crème of American undergraduates are going to Wall Street? This is question has long troubled some in the Ivy League, but now it is being asked with reference to a very specific group of élites: the Rhodes scholars.


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It's ASPERGER'S, not asberger!

thanks, lucy -- i'm a lazy idiot.

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