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Let's Kick Out The Black & Brown Kids!

Picture 72 In the decade since disparities in suspensions and expulsions were first highlighted following a football game brawl in Decatur Illinois, things have only gotten worse -- and it's not just an inner-city problem, according to an AP report on the topic. 

Decade After Decatur, Ill. Racial Discipline Gap Widens EdWeek
Whether it's a poor urban district, a rich suburban district, or a rural area, blacks are getting written up in proportions far exceeding their white classmates.

Black Students Expelled More Often AP
It was a decade ago that the Rev. Jesse Jackson protested in Decatur over the expulsion of six black students for fighting. The racial disparity in school discipline has torn wide open since then.

'A very painful time for our community' Sun Times
The students were involved in a brawl at a high school football game on Sept. 17, 1999, between Eisenhower and crosstown rival MacArthur High that spilled into the stands. The school board initially expelled them for two years.

Decade after Decatur, racial discipline gap widens Tribune
In the largely black and Latino CPS, for example, suspensions for those groups jumped more than 150 percent in a decade; white suspensions were up 44 percent.

Graphic via EdWeek

Racial bias?  Cultural differences?  Poor classroom management skills?  TFA?  (Joke!) I don't really care.  I don't think it can all be blamed on Washington, though many will try.  And I'm guessing it's a problem affecting lots and lots of different states.


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