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Charter School Magic, Testing Nightmares, & More

Charter schools hold promise, but they're no magic bullet LA Times471264_f520
Charter schools are on the cusp of national stardom. Less clear, though, is whether charter schools offer real, long-term solutions to fixing public education in America, or whether the Obama administration should be relying on them so heavily as a means of turning around the nation's record of academic mediocrity.

Fixing Poverty Freakonomics
If you want to fix poverty, you’ll have to fix governments first.

More standardized testing nightmares Valerie Strauss
Here are some of your test horror stories about testing--and at the end, one that the author calls “the ultimate” such disaster.

Innovation Follies LFA
We shouldn't abandon important work just because it isn't flashy enough for the Wall Street Journal editorial page.

Blather, Rinse, Repeat TCKB

The more pertinent question might be which of the two groups is paying attention to the academic needs of poor children. Based on the evidence, it’s hard to say.

Study Sees Little Traction for NCLB's Tutoring Provisions Inside Research
A study by the National Center for Education Statistics finds that only about a fifth of eligible students are getting free tutoring services under the federal No Child Left Behind law.

Five strikes against an education writer Jay Mathews
Others can assess my successes, if any. I prefer to dwell on my failures.


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