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Site News: Millot To The Rescue

Good news.  Starting this week, longtime education industry insider Marc Dean Millot (pictured) is going to be posting a weekly piece on the education industry on this site.  I've been a fan of Millot's for a long time, though we come from different ends of the political spectrum and don't always come to the same conclusions.  Here are some previous TWIE posts addressing Millot's insights and opinions:

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The "New" Think Tanks: Management Consulting Firms

Millot understands that public education is, among other things, a $600B a year business, and has the background and patience to explain to the rest of us how money affects schools (through vendors, nonprofits, private foundations, management consulting firms).  He's knowledgeable, insightful, and usually fearless in what he is willing to say. And he's not a wide-eyed enthusiast for "businessy" concepts that may or may not actually work in schools.  You can read a biography here.


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