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Quote: Parent Involvement Is Just A Convenient Scapegoat

"Teachers don't really care whether parents go to the PTA or help their kids with homework. They just want a constant foil, someone to blame when students flounder and the schools underperform." (Ruben Navarette at CNN.com)


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Wow--what an offensive screed. Schools certainly could be more effective in engaging parents, but Navarette sounds like an overdrawn caricature of the reform crowd. His praise could be downright damning.

He claims that school calendars are preserved for the sake of educators. But when educators in various states campaigned to lengthen the school year, they were beaten back by the business community that depended on teen labor in the summer and in the evenings.

He even attacks the colleges of teacher education for resisting Duncan's wishes to tie institutions to the performance of their teachers--but AACTE has been calling for such a program for years!

The guy has clearly come unhinged.

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