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NCLB: It's Waiver Time!

TheMonopolyMan-RichUnclePennybags1-thumbCheryl Sattler at Ethica LLC is reporting that Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has "wasted no time" in approving states that have applied for NCLB waivers.

"Taken together, these waivers alone represent more than the total number of waivers granted during the Bush administration. States must report on waiver usage in September 2010."

State setaside waivers are most popular, followed by excluding ARRA grants from SES calculations, and carryover grants, SES provider eligibility, and parental notification.

Check the site for details on which states are getting which waivers.

UPDATE:  Apologies to all.  I spelled Cheryl's name with two Ls.  And the Ethica newsletter is $$ only.  


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