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The comparability fly in the Ouchi/principal-autonomy ointment Sherman Dorn
We may not want principals to have complete autonomy in a task where they have relatively weak skills: knowing which novice teachers are going to be great teachers.

Course outline for the LAUSD Richard Riordan
The Public School Choice Resolution is a big step in the right direction. Past experience, however, makes me skeptical as to whether the LAUSD will take full advantage of this window for change.

Xin_35205063010257962110217When I Wish Upon A Star… Eduwonk
Richard Rothstein lays out all the reasons Ed Sec. Arne Duncan is really poised to radically change the direction of federal education policy and throw-out the No Child Left Behind policy.

California too Focused on the Canary in the Coal Mine Quick And The Ed
Here is the problem. That linkage is largely meaningless.

Tween Summit Reveals The Kids Are (Mostly) Alright Jezebel
When Monica Hesse from WaPo asked about sexting, a 14-year-old named Angelique Gaston said, "Ew," and then proclaimed: "That isn't what we're doing. The media bases ev-er-y-thing on sexuality."

Why D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee Has to Play Tough Richard Whitmire
Running a hurry-up education offense is the only way Rhee can maintain a viable-sized school district that has dwindled to a mere 44,000 students, while the city's charter school population is expected to grow to 28,000 this year.

Video Game-Crazed Kids Reach New Levels of Violence Gawker
Kids these days sure know how to keep us horrified. Just when we think the little bastards can't get any more psychotic, five middle school boys have been arrested for setting a classmate alight.  Why?


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