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Oops! White House Caves On "Back To School" Speech

2830058188_0f51ae7ac3_m"In an acknowledgment that the Department of Education provided lesson plans written somewhat inartfully, surrounding the President Obama’s speech to students next Tuesday, the White House today announced that it had rewritten one of the sections in question." (WH, Dept of Education Revise Language on Students Jake Tapper)

Wow.  A small but easy win for conservative foes of the Administration.  A first mis-calculation for Arne et al. 


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President Obama is certainly not the first US President to speak to children in schools. And, he is certainly not the only president to do so without some flack. But, he is the only president to do so that was accused of being un-American, a socialist, and needing to have his words censored. Its a sad day in this Country when the President of the United States must be censored and his right for the freedom of speech denied.

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