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PHOTO: What Kind Of Teacher Is He?

I came across this image randomly via Kottke.org -- it's from a photo series in the Morning News about masculinity -- and realized that I wasn't entirely sure what kind of teacher this guy was.  High school? College?  Public?  Private?  Take a look and let us know what you think.  Maybe it's obvious and I'm just not paying close enough attention.  

ScreenHunter_66 Aug. 10 13.47

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I don't know what grade he's teaching, but I'm guessing he's a mid-career switcher. Couldn't hack it as a horse jockey anymore.

whooooaaaa, dude, a little warning next time. the slideshow linked to is VERY NSFW.

Uhhh...how did you come across this again? Not that there would be anything wrong with however you may have happened to come across it.

got it from kottke.org -- great blog --

but i'm going to remove the link since it's not the point and is NSFW.

Non lo so (I don't know)....I would guess him to be an Italian language teacher at a public high school in an urban city like NYC. He's also obviously Italian.

He language teacher in College. I think he teach collective nouns.

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