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NEWS: Budget Cuts, NAEP Proposals, Virtual Schooling

Plus -- just a few moments ago on Morning Edition -- NPR's Claudio Sanchez explores the ins and outs of stimulus funding.

Schools Glad To Have Stimulus Cash, But Delays & Rules Frustrate NPR
Much of the federal money intended for schools is still sitting in state coffers- despite long lists of unmet needs in many school districts.

Budget cuts put new textbook purchases on hold TLA Times
he state and many California school districts look to save money by postponing approvals of updated books. Some fear the moves may put students at a disadvantage.

NAEP Panels Propose More ELL, Spec. Ed. Inclusion EdWeek
The plan’s goal is to check disparities among states in the rate of English-learners’ and special education students’ participation.

Virtual School Hopes to Offer Welcoming Community for Gays US News
The first online school for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students might open next year.

In a Digital Future, Textbooks Are History NYT
In Arizona, teachers are being encouraged to create lessons that incorporate materials they find online.


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