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NEWS: Big Stories Of The Day

Not so much big news today, though the DC test scores issue is always interesting:

Deal in School Plot AP
A South Carolina teenager admitted to plotting to blow up his high school, and prosecutors agreed to ask for a 10-year prison sentence.

D.C. Public Schools Surpass Charters In Test Scores NPR
Recent test scores of public school children in the nation's capital notably surpassed their charter school counterparts, adding yet another layer to the national debate on the value of charter schools vs. public schools.

Broward School Board rehires 119 laid-off teachers to new jobs Miami Herald
Many spots opened because some teachers decided to resign or retire and others failed to renew their certification.

Some measures won't help prevent flu pandemic: report Boston Globe
Closing schools, stopping large gatherings and other such measures are unlikely to do much to prevent the spread of the H1N1 swine flu pandemic, a team of experts predicted on Wednesday.

Depression Seen in Children as Young as 3 NYT
Previous research suggested that depression affects about 2 percent of U.S. preschoolers, or roughly 160,000 youngsters, at one time or another. But it was unclear whether depression in preschoolers could be chronic, as it can be in older children and adults.


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On the DC story: I hope readers actually click through and listen to the report; it's a more nuanced story than the headline (which has in fact been updated on the NPR site). In brief (a) the data are preliminary - -and last year a bunch of schools were misreported at this stage; (b) DCPS elementary schools did outperform charters -- but the charter groups includes 7 converted Catholic schools whose kids had never taken the state test before; and (c) at the high school level, the charters way outpaced DCPS. So like I said......check out the whole story.

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