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CHICAGO: Has Duncan Been Subpoenaed In Federal Clout Investigation?

Eventually people besides me are going to have to start asking Secretary Duncan about this clout scandal that's unfolding in Chicago. And, eventually, Duncan is probably going to have to say something about the situation.

0414_6The latest news is that Board President Michael Scott (I know!) has admitted being subpoenaed and will only attest that he never made calls to get connected kids into elite schools.  As to whether others may have done so, he is quoted as saying "That's a different question." 

That's him in the background of this recent picture with Arne and current Chicago schools chief Ron Huberman.  Click to enlarge.  Though there are mysteriously few pictures in Google Images of the two of them together, Scott and Arne worked together for years.

My assumption is that Duncan has already been subpoenaed.  Hell, he might have been back in Chicago last week to testify in front of the grand jury.  But we'll never know what's going on until more reporters (and members of the public) start asking.


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Did Arne Duncan's daughter attend a magnet school when thye were in Chicago?

i think it was a neighborhood school but am not sure -- ray elementary.

Also, grand jury proceedings are technically secret so unless you stake them out or someone drops a dime, you have to trust whatever answer you get.

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