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Blogs: Once Around The Blogosphere

The best of the day's education blog posts and commentaries, all in one place:

Picture 20The New York Times Works For Arne Duncan Now TFT
I think every teacher should make a commitment to never again buy the New York Times (we don't anyway; can't afford it).

NCLB on crack in Massachusetts Mike Klonsky
A 17-year-old statewide test used to comply with the federal No Child Left Behind law will be replaced with a broader approach to judging how well Wisconsin students are performing.

Defining NCLB’s Value  Chad Aldeman
Mike Petrilli and Tom Loveless take to the pages of the NY Times to argue, yet again, that No Child Left Behind has been harmful to gifted students.

A Glut of Substitute Teachers in Texas  Stephen Sawchuk
Here's a fascinating story out of Texas about districts gradually getting choosier in who they will accept as substitute teachers.

Read What You Love  Kevin Carey
Motoko Rich reports on a new approach to teaching reading: letting kids read books they actually want to read, rather than having them all read the same book. This strikes me as an excellent idea.


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