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BLOGS: A Quick Spin Around The Internet

Pensioin spikes, firewalls, gap closing, college going, and more:

Golden Parachutes Chad Adelman
These salaries are a huge win for both district and union negotiators.  In turn, young, mobile teachers and state taxpayers lose out.

Custom_1248773700217_f26fMiller's Revenge Petrilli
Here's George Miller, proud California citizen, doing what he can to keep the Golden State from winning the Race to the Top. (Or, more fairly, trying to browbeat it into changing its laws in order to qualify.)

Closing the gap Small Talk
Monty Neil and Pedro Noguera, as expected, are on target. Andrew Rotherham, as expected, is the worst.

Cost Bars the Way to College Claus
I think Mathews gets it wrong.

The Four Day Work Week Matt Yglesias
The historical reasons for that are fairly arbitrary, and trying to get firms to switch to a four-day workweek has long struck me as a relatively painless way to reduce gasoline consumption.

The Audacity of Normalcy Ezara Klein
Presidential mandates are meaningless.


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