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ICE CREAM: Crush The Librarians!

ScreenHunter_25 Jul. 30 10.20 If librarians can can lobby for a library-themed Ben & Jerry's flavor, and Stephen Colbert can get his own, then why not one for education, too? 

Come on, we're 50 million kids and $550B in spending a year.  We're cute, we're zany, we're All-American (whatever that means these days).

But the competition is tough -- the librarians already have 40,000 people signed up for Facebook, and their flavor name ideas are some of them pretty awesome.  They've got the New Yorker helping them (Tasty De-Lit

Someone's going to have to really step up if we're going to pull this thing off and crush those eye-glass wearing, rule-enforcing ants.


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