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NEWS: Big Stories Of The Day

I'm still reeling over last night's flat press conference. How about you?

Study Disputes 'Plateau Effect' in Test Scores EdWeek
State test scores are as likely to increase or decrease as they are to level off after making initial gains, the research finds.

Metro schools meet state standards, avoid takeover  Tennessean
After five years of failing scores on the TCAP and Gateway tests, the district faced a total takeover that could have come as early as the fall. (via EN)

539wBook-banning's digital future Slate
Most of the e-books, videos, video games, and mobile apps that we buy these days day aren't really ours. They come to us with digital strings that stretch back to a single decider—Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, or whomever else. (thanks, AT)

Transgender teacher calls it quits AP
When word got out that Mr. McBeth, a popular substitute teacher at two southern New Jersey school districts was about to come back to class as Miss McBeth, it caused an uproar.

N.Y. Students Manage Emotions for Better Test Scores PBS
Lessons like these are taught throughout the school and now in about 10 percent of public schools nationwide. States are getting behind it, making social and emotional learning a requirement.

Two Military Daughters Start Sisterhood For Teens NPR
They are trying to organize the first major get-together for the children, specifically daughters, of troops who have gone to war.


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