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BLOGS: Helping You Get Through A Rainy Tuesday

Some good posts -- and a blog-to-book announcement -- in today's roundup of blog posts:

Against comprehensive reform -- of anything Salon
History shows that piecemeal reform is better than a Big Bang. That goes for most of the Democrats' domestic agenda

The Quick and the Ed Elena Silva
Getting and keeping great teachers in all MCPS schools is a product of the county’s convenient close-in spot to DC and its ability to offer a job that’s better (in pay and otherwise) than PG and DC school systems.

51cOLPmctdL._SL500_AA240_Frank McCourt on Teacher Voices, the UFT, Class Size and More.
Ed Notes
There is some irony in the accolades coming toward Frank McCourt from the UFT at Edwize. McCourt used to have the typical teacher attitude toward the UFT before the UFT started courting McCourt.

Bringing Home Life “Out of the Shadows” Robert Pondiscio
Making schools better “should be only one part of our national strategy” on education, writes Harvard’s Ronald Ferguson.  “Life at home has been a relatively neglected topic and needs to come out of the shadows.”

E-texts get mixed reviews Joanne Jacobs
College students aren’t wild about e-book readers, reports the Wall Street Journal. Pilot projects have returned “mixed reviews.”

Drumroll, Please Mrs. Mimi
Friends. I am not even sure how to announce this properly (although secretly, I want to strap on my most fabulous heels and scream it from the roof tops). 


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