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NEWS: Big Stories Of The Day

Not much news I can find, but some big editorials on RttT:

Obama’s ‘Race to the Top’  WSJ
The acid test is whether Messrs. Duncan and Obama are willing to withhold money from politically important states as the calendar marches toward 2012.

Washington Steps Up on Schools NYT
The federal government talks tough about requiring the states to improve schools in exchange for education aid. Then it caves in to political pressure and rewards mediocrity when it’s time to enforce the bargain.

We Need More Parents Like Sonia Sotomayor's Mother. Learning The Language

He noted that Thelma Melendez de Santa Ana, a former ELL teacher and the superintendent of the Pomona Unified School District, has been confirmed as the Education Department's assistant secretary for elementary and secondary education. Duncan mentioned that Melendez was an ELL student herself while growing up in California.

Business Is Booming for Career Switcher Programs Washington Post
The high unemployment rate has provided an unexpected boon for the nation's public schools: legions of career-switchers eager to become teachers.


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