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NEWS: Big Stories Of The Day

Back to the real world -- cutting budgets, fixing failing schools, etc.


In Bronx, An Alternative Fix For Failing Schools NPR
Some school systems are hiring consultants who work with existing staff to turn around low-performing schools.

How three troubled Metro schools got back on track Tennessean
As Metro Schools celebrates meeting standards after five years of missing them, principals and others are reviewing what went right in the three high schools that allowed them to come off a state watch list after two consecutive successful years.

10 years later, FCAT, school grade reforms get mixed grades Miami Herald
How school grades and FCAT changed everything.

As Charter Schools Unionize, Many Debate Effect NYT
Questions linger about whether unions will strengthen the schools by stabilizing their teaching forces, or weaken them by blocking changes thought to raise achievement.

Cellphones teach phonics, animation and more in school instead of cheating USA Today
Smart phones now have hundreds of applications meant to educate kids from graphic calculators to animation programs that teach spelling and ...


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