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LEARNING: Print Still Motivates Kids, Says "Staggering" Dave Eggers

Eggers "Our students at 826 Valencia still have a newspaper class, where we print an actual newspaper, and we do magazine classes and anthologies where they're all printed on paper. That's the main way we get them motivated, that they know it's going to be in print. It's much harder for us to motivate the students when they think it's only going to be on the Web.  The vast majority of students we work with read newspapers and books, more so than I did at their age. And I don't see that dropping off. If anything the lack of faith comes from people our age, where we just assume that it's dead or dying." Interview in Salon.com


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I'm with Dave. Print still confers authority, and even children still respond to books as objects. Perhaps it's too early to predict the demise of actual books.

826 National also gives students the opportunity to make honest-to-goodness bound books. In our interview with him, he said, "There's a field trip every day in the morning where kids come in and make a book-tell a story collectively. It's created in sort of a book format. It's bound, illustrated, and everything within two hours." (http://www.publicschoolinsights.org/every-child-writer-interview-best-selling-author-dave-eggers). Can students feel the same sort of accomplishment when they create an electronic document? Hard to say....

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