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BLOGS: Reax To The Race

Concerns and criticisms about RttT that somehow escaped the "moonshot" media rush on Friday:

The unions will first work to water down the regs, but Obama and Duncan will still get most of what they want. Then the districts and the unions will take the money, and four years from now, just like magic, everything will be exactly the same as it is now. (Battling the Elements EIA)

ScreenHunter_14 Jul. 26 22.51This is Washington Knows Best at its worst, and runs the risk of seeing states superficially swear allegiance to these reform ideas but implement them half-heartedly down the road. (The carrot that feels like a stick Mike Petrilli)

The issue is not the use of the data, but the value of the data. (Data Plan Approved by Obama TCKB)

Aside from the fact that the model (lifting charter caps, more testing, performance pay) has no more research juice behind it than Reading First had, his RTTT leverage money is a piddling amount compared to what's needed to keep schools afloat--let along do systemic change. (Starving schools into "reform" Mike Klonsky)

It’s unfortunate that the Department directs that at least half the RTT money must be distributed to districts based on a federal formula, but it’s a about the only way they can ensure that high need districts get help. (Stealth Education Reform Tom Vander Ark)

It's an unfortunate pattern when the USDE doesn't give reporters enough time to think through what they're being fed and end up writing over-excited "ghee whiz" stories that they probably regret a few days later.


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