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BLOGS: For The Win!


Race to the Top: 5,4,3,2,1...... Charlie Barone
Imagine what Obama and Duncan can accomplish if they hang tough and keep the bar high.

‘Poof! I was in template land’ Joanne Jacobs
Florida elementary students are using colorful writing on the state exam — the same colorful phrases in essay after essay.

AlvinA culture of collaboration Philly Notebook
If I wanted to, I could go all day without seeing another adult in my building, aside from the attendance secretary with which I would exchange pleasantries in the morning while signing in.

Just Asking Chad Aldeman
To all those who argue mayoral control of schools is bad for democracy, isn't it a good thing that schools are the issue in this year's New York City mayoral race?

Reconstitution Plan Gets Detroit Teachers Hopping Mad Stephen Sawchuk
Detroit schools financial manager is requiring 2,600 teachers at 41 schools being reconstituted to re-apply for their jobs—and gave them less than a week to do so.

A Blogger Writes on 'Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics' Inside Research
Blogger Aaron Pallas illustrates the trouble with the growing numbers of Web databases that allow users to compare schools.


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