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BLOGS: Best Commentary Of The Day

Much of what gets reported in the news is think tank research, not real research. And more:

Who's On First Big Charlie
We constantly hear from teachers’ unions that they want to work in partnership with government officials, and not be dictated to. But by advancing specious and disingenuous arguments, they illustrate why some have largely given up on trying to meet them half way.

Wolves And Lambs…. Andywonk
I’m no media critic but isn’t the lede here the unprecedented effort the teachers’ unions are undertaking to do this?

Is Think Tank Research Muscling In on the Media? Inside Research
Think tank studies aren't dominating news coverage, says a new report, but they may get more than their share of the spotlight.

Who Produces the Educational Research Mentioned in the News Media? Paul Baker
In an analysis of education articles published in The New York Times, Washington Post, and Education Week, Holly Yettick of the University of Colorado at Boulder finds that any given think tank report was substantially more likely to be cited than any given study studies produced by a university.

"Highly Qualified" Appeals Lawsuit Tossed Stephen Sawchuk
Perhaps no one but Teach For America will care about this, but a district court last week threw out an appeal in the Renee v. Spellings lawsuit over the "highly qualified" teacher provisions in the No Child Left Behind Law....


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