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MEDIA: Twitter Shuffles Education Rankings

Rb A highly incomplete look at the numbers last night (see below) shows that some of those who may be big on blogs or elsewhere aren't so big on Twitter, at least in terms of followers.

Others don't even seem have a Twitter feed at all.

Where do you rank?  Who'd I miss?  What else do you notice?

The unexpectedly low list includes Rotherham (214), Petrilli (231), and Joanne Jacobs (227).  But at least they're in the game. 

Other people -- Jay Mathews, Sam Dillon, Bill Turque, The Quick and the Ed, Charlie Barone -- don't seem to have a Twitter feed that I can find easily.

Last but not least, there are lots of folks -- hidden gems? -- who are much bigger on Twitter than they might seem to be in blogland, including Matthew Tabor (2806), DetentionSlip (2487), and Gary Stager (2242).  Not just ed tech people.  Maybe they're worth some attention.  Maybe they're just following a lot of people.  11671 Web: http://www.andycarvin.com 

9609 Twitter: twitter.com/educationweek 
7607 Twitter: twitter.com/coolcatteacher 
6800 Twitter: twitter.com/willrich45 
6347 http://twitter.com/usedgov 
3455 Twitter: twitter.com/elemenous 
2881 http://twitter.com/teachermagazine 
2821 http://twitter.com/dlove03 
2806 Twitter: twitter.com/matthewktabor 
2487 Twitter: twitter.com/DetentionSlip 
2242 Twitter: twitter.com/garystager 
2163 Twitter: twitter.com/ASCD 
2095 http://twitter.com/teachforamerica 
2021 Twitter: twitter.com/scholastic 
1500 Twitter: twitter.com/csratliff 
1484 Twitter: twitter.com/Larryferlazzo 
1266 http://twitter.com/lmtv 
1085 Twitter: twitter.com/UrbanEducation 
1045 Twitter: twitter.com/PoliticsK12 
978 Twitter: twitter.com/DanaGoldstein
811 Twitter: twitter.com/Eduflack 
740 Twitter: twitter.com/pabaker55 
645 Twitter: twitter.com/gtoppo 
582 Twitter: twitter.com/alexanderrusso
528 Twitter: twitter.com/EdEquality
429 http://twitter.com/usnewseducation 
263 http://twitter.com/educationgadfly
227 http://twitter.com/JoanneLeeJacobs 
214 http://twitter.com/arotherham 
213 Twitter: twitter.com/John_Bailey

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1538 followers on Twitter.

As usual, I'm not even listed on the education blogger pages around here.

http://twitter.com/edreform (460 followers)

hey, thanks for doing this. Some new people for me to check out.

One more for your list:
ABCTE with 562 followers

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