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REFORM: The Rise And Fall Of Cash For Grades

Fryer_Roland Wow.  What a fun but pointless distraction this may all have turned out to be.  Two years ago, New York City launched its controversial cash for grades program under Roland Fryer, exposing many  adults' deeply-felt ambivalence about the challenges of learning and the role extrinsic rewards.  Last year, Chicago and the District of Columbia followed suit.  But now the New York City experiment is apparently over and Chicago is pulling the plug for next year for lack of private cash, according to a long news report (CPS cash-for-good-grades project likely done ABC7).  The segment also notes that DC says  it's planning to go ahead with the second year.  It doesn't feel to me like the issue is at all settled, but that won't stop the torrent of "I told you so."  [Click below for previous posts about Fryer and incentives.]

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