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REFORM: 10 [Crazy] Ways To Save Education

200907_toc "From killing tenure and the SAT to requiring Spanish classes for everybody (er, para todos!), nutty ideas abound. Here are 10 crazy ideas for remaking our schools from K through College." (10 Ways to Save Education The Atlantic):

1) Eliminate summer vacation.
2) Extend the School Day.
3) Expand Bilingual Education.
4) Raise Compulsory Education Age
5) Kill the SAT.
6) End tenure.
7) Pay for Your Major.
8) Smart Loans to Make College Affordable.
9) Smart Certificates to Make College Non-Essential.
10) Rank Everything.

That's their list.  What's yours?  My favorite crazy idea was that recent one about selling futures on poor kids' future earnings.  Getting rid of local school districts is Matt Miller's.  Banishing teachers unions. Outlawing private schools is a Barr favorite.  What's yours?


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Outlaw national commentators peddling single silver bullet prescriptions.

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Mandate early childhood education and increase spending in early intervention.

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