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EDSEC: Hometown Protest To Greet Duncan In Chicago

6a00d8341bf90b53ef00e55503007c8834-800wi Sorry about all the Chicago posts but a teacher-led reform group called CORE is going to welcome Arne Duncan with a good old Chicago-style protest when he shows up to speak Friday morning before a newly-formed (and Gates-funded) statewide advocacy group called Advance Illinois, which is putting out a new report called We Can Do Better that is full of all the usual reformy talk.

I think this may be the first time Duncan has encountered protesters since he became Secretary. The teachers are protesting the impact of Chicago's school turnaround efforts, which have despite all the kudos given them by the mainstream press displaced thousands of veteran teachers -- many of them African American -- and not always made an obvious positive difference.  An EEOC complaint has been filed. 

Yes, you can follow them via Twitter.


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