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BLOGS: Best Posts Of The Day

Never Let The Facts Get In the Way Of A Good Story TCKB 
I can’t help but wonder what the New York Times’ Paul Tough thinks of his colleague David Brooks’ column about the Harlem Children’s Zone.

Cat-hat-bookJust How Gullible Is David Brooks? GothamSchools
It would be embarrassing to admit that students didn’t take some aspect of their schoolwork and school accountability plan seriously.

AFT Affiliates, Districts Do "Mad Men" Teacher Beat
Various AFT affiliates, as well as districts, are investing in advertising their services these days, especially in big cities where union and management alike have had their fair share of critics.

Rethinking 'Restructuring'
In schools that raised student achievement enough to exit restructuring, district and school staff members reported using multiple, coordinated restructuring strategies over many years...Some were official NCLB strategies; others were not.

Lori Drew Might Have To Finally Listen To Her Victims (Or Not) Jezebel
The prosecutors who successfully convicted Lori Drew under an anti-hacking law are arguing that the parents of Megan Meier should be allowed to give a victim impact statement at Drew's sentencing next week.


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