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MEDIA: Hoff Hoofs It

Hasselhoff I knew something was up when David (The) Hoff's once-vibrant NCLB blog fell into disuse this past few months.  (Readers may recall that for a time he was so busy with posts that he made regular incursions into Politics K12.)  And now we know why.

Congrats, condolences to all.

What to make of Hoff hoofing it over to the other side?  Click below for some thoughts. 

Longtime readers will recall that The Hoff and I had a tempestuous relationship.  He was one of those at EdWeek who objected to my blog's arrival at EdWeek.  (Yes, this blog used to be at EdWeek.)  I wasn't so sure how I felt about the arrival of his blog a few months later (Now Blogging NCLB). He didn't much like my pointing out his frequent echoing of Andywonk's talking points (The Hoff Loves All His Sources Equally).  I didn't appreciate it when he slammed my occasional forays into real reporting (EdWeek Blogger Quibbles About Latest Kennedy Bill Language). 

It didn't end there.  He objected to all the speculation about who would be EdSec (EdWeek Blogger Can't Make Up Mind About EdSec Coverage).  I thought that his coverage of Duncan's history in Chicago was weak (More Wacky Duncan CoverageEdWeek's NCLB Reporting Woes Continue).

Of course, reporters changing sides is nothing new -- it's journalism's version of the revolving door.  Reporters proclaim their objectivity from every mountaintop -- nobody but hapless readers believes them -- and then abandon it when it's time to do something else. That's fine.  There's as much honor in government work as in journalism, to be sure.  

And, upon reflection, I'm glad Hoff's blog was there to do the ticktock stuff (hearings, bill introductions, etc.) that I was sure never going to do.  I hope that EdWeek finds a way to continue timely coverage of NCLB -- a Race To The Top blog? I'd hate to go back to reading their NCLB stuff a week or two after it's old news. 


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Anywonk must be getting scared. all his mouthpieces are getting jobs within the administration but him.

Also, what will Petrilli/Checker do without their PR guy in the press?

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