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MEDIA: Colbert Does DonorsChoose (Again)

Donors-choose-colbert What's the world coming to? Apparently, the regular stream of education types on the Colbert Report aren't all just due to the influence of super-producer Emily Lazar, who's also the wife of Newsweek columnist Jonathan Alter. Colbert himself is involved.

Specifically, he's a new board member for DonorsChoose.org. Those rascals really know how to do the media thing, don't they. And today, Colbert, DonorsChoose, and Vicki Phillips (of Gates) did an event at a Manhattan school.  Footage to come. 

Colbert's done DonorsChoose things in the past -- his run for President included a DonorsChoose bit, and he talked about them a lot during this interview, too (DonorsChoose On The Colbert Report). 


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Thanks so much for coming to the Colbert / Gates announcement, Alexander! We were thrilled to have so much support yesterday. -Katie, DonorsChoose.org

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