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DISTRICT [SWINE] FEVER: Thursday In At The EWA Conference

JOBS:  Time is passing and the jobs are filling up fast on Maryland Avenue.  It sems more and more like Jon Schnur isn't going to end up working at the Department after all.  Ditto for Andy Rotherham.  So what happened?  Personalities?  Nanny problems?  Ideological differences?  Power politics?  Someone should find out.  Both were considered shoo-ins not so long ago.

33_100-print6OLD TIMES:  Back in DC for the EWA annual conference, good to see lots of familiar faces and friends though I'm always aware of how different what I do is from what most ed journalists do. 

NEW MEDIA NEWS:  At a new media session (the web, it's so neat, so new!), Alan Gottlieb is telling a story about how his online education watchdog outfit (Education News Colorado) is creating all sorts of battles within the board and with the Denver Post.  The suburban supes don't like the scrutiny, the business folks are all for accountability.  The print and web sides of the Denver Post don't know what to do with each other's education coverage.  (Extra credit:  "Objectivity is over-rated," says Gottlieb.)

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Green from GothamSchools says loves doing the online reporting and the quick response and transparency and awareness are great, but that she's not sure what happens next with the site, given the economic situation.  Sounds like they're putting out for outside foundation money for next year.  No news yet on what happens to Green's time once she starts her Spencer Fellowship in September.


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