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CAMPAIGN '08 [revisited]: Ayers Risked Education Debate During Campaign

I must admit being surprised to read in this Chicago Magazine article that Bill Ayers, who seemed to have gone totally silent during the run-up to the November election, never stopped arguing education (What Bill Ayers Wants). 

"The other stuff—that was about a cartoon character. It had nothing to do with me.”

Apparently it all went down under all of our noses -- in the comments section of Eduwonkette.  But the mainstream media never picked up on it. (Or maybe I missed that, too.)


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Alexander: I know you are a serious student of the education literature, so I'm shocked to learn you aren't reading every word in Ed Week. Did your subscription expire?

Ayers' views did get a little bit of coverage, like in the story below that I wrote back in the fall, but then he stopped talking. I remember seeing some other reference to the Eduwonkette discussion, but can’t remember where.

Now get back to that stack of Ed Week's you've been hoarding and start catching up. You can start here:

Election Renews Controversy Over Social-Justice Teaching


Kathleen Kennedy Manzo
Associate Editor
Education Week

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