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THOMPSON: Lifelong Love of Learning and Love of Life

Excercise  A principal in the Oakland "Low Income School Program" said he was not exaggerating about the down side of the extra attention on reading strategies and instructional remediation. His kids "don’t have any exposure at all" to jump rope, hopscotch or team exercises, and the inability to constructively work off energy in recess carried over into the classroom, encouraging fights and a lack of focus. "Coach Michelle" came to the rescue teaching social skills through play. Now disputes are solved through "Rock, Paper, Scissors."     Fatchunk540 

In an equally inspiring school-based program Oregonians vie for the award of a lump of fat in the "biggest loser" competition. The community’s diet and exercise program has produced "miraculous results."  "There are people who needed knee surgery [who] no longer need knee surgery. People's blood pressure is down. Their cholesterol levels are down. It's just astonishing. We've got to be one of the healthiest little communities in Oregon." - John Thompson


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