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DUNCAN: Golden Boy Does As Told; Media Suck-Up Continues

There have been lots of flub-ups by Obama Cabinet members, reports The Hill (Cabinet picks throw wrench into message). 

ED-AI761_Levy_E_20081224113106But not from our boy Arne.  He continues to do a slew of media appearances with nary a mis-step. 

Of course, it doesn't hurt that Duncan -- unlike some of the more prominent Cabinet members -- has a a lot of practice doing exactly what he's told.  No matter what kind of wacky, Blagojevich-like pronouncements Chicago Mayor Daley made about education, Duncan always had his back.

Nor does it hurt that most of the media are in full suck-up mode.  As noted in this Politico piece (How media sucks up to White House), "In the early days of any administration, reporters reach out to sources, then slather them with glowing profiles."


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