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NEWS: Big Stories Of The Day

Stimulus money unlikely to save teachers' jobs Santa Cruz Sentinel
The state's nonpartisan legislative analyst is at odds with California's top education official on whether to let schools have the money now -- as districts have been desperately hoping -- or use it to brace them from the severity of future cuts.
HighfiveSupporting students with dyslexia Seattle Times
Teachers need to know more about dyslexia and how to teach students who struggle with this particular learning challenge. The Washington state Legislature is moving toward a solution.

Multiracial Pupils to Be Counted in A New Way Washington Post
Public schools in the Washington region and elsewhere are abandoning their check-one-box approach to gathering information about race and ethnicity in an effort to develop a more accurate portrait of classrooms transformed by immigration and interracial marriage.

Why Teachers Want to Ban Cellphone Cameras From Classrooms US News
Conn. teachers union says secretly recorded videos uploaded to YouTube can hurt teachers' reputations.
Strip-Search of Young Girl Tests Limit of School Policy NYT
A case involving the strip-search of a thirteen-year-old student will require the Supreme Court to consider how far schools can go to enforce zero-tolerance drug policies.

Roundup: Other countries' efforts to develop and support teachers CSM
A recent study identified teaching-related areas in which nations with high student achievement tend to have an advantage over the US.


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