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MEDIA: Jacques Is Bacques

 After six years in exile, former NYT education reporter Jacques Steinberg is returning to the beat -- sort of.

Steinber032709Steinberg reported on NYC and then national K12 stories from 1995 to about 2002.  He only covered the national beat for a few years but I recall his pieces on the education industry and testing as being particularly memorable and well-reported. (Got any faves, let me know).

He left education in protest over the passage NCLB.  (No, not really.  There were widespread reports that journalists would quit the beat over NCLB but none of them actually followed through.)

Now Gawker reports (here) that the Timesman will be the lead writer of a new blog on the Times' favorite education topic: college admissions.   Called The Choice, the site officially debuts today.

Congrats, condolences.


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