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FRITZWIRE: This Week In Washington


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Information on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009:


·         Education Recovery and Reinvestment Center (http://www.learningpt.org/recovery/ ) which is a one-stop for educators and policymakers to help them track developments and find current information on the ARRANew section beginning this week addresses the 4 assurances that states are required to address in their applications for funds under the SFSF.  Fund Finder tool quickly calculates the amount of funds a school district will receive under Title I and IDEA .  Also, a  TQ Research and Policy Update is posted on the site that addresses The Recovery and Reinvestment Act: Opportunities and Strategies to Advance Teacher Effectiveness.

·         Another new resource website is http://wee.nwrel.org/nwarra.

·       ED ARRA news by visiting www.ed.gov/recovery/ or by subscribing to the ED ARRA RSS feed at http://www.ed.gov/rss/arracomms.xml.  If you are interested in other ED news and resources (in addition to the ARRA), subscribe to the ED RSS feed at http://www.ed.gov/rss/edgov.xml or track ED on Twitter at http://twitter.com/usedgov/.

Ø  Title I, Part A grants to school districts (http://www.ed.gov/policy/gen/leg/recovery/factsheet/title-i.html);

Ø  IDEA, Part B grants to states and preschool grants (http://www.ed.gov/policy/gen/leg/recovery/factsheet/idea.html); and

Ø  the State Fiscal Stabilization Fund (http://www.ed.gov/policy/gen/leg/recovery/factsheet/stabilization-fund.html).

Ø  Other ARRA program guidance and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are under development.

·         Look for documents when going to these websites:  US Department of Education draft application for the state fiscal stabilization fund (SFSF) pending at OMB is now posted on its website: http://edicsweb.ed.gov/browse/downldatt.cfm?pkg_serial_num=3976Per today’s Federal Register, the Department has requested emergency clearance by OMB by March 23rd and plans to award states 67% of Education and Government Services funding within 2 weeks of receiving a complete application:  http://edocket.access.gpo.gov/2009/pdf/E9-5837.pdf


·         The Department of Education’s webpage now includes the timetable for funding available under ARRA:  http://www.ed.gov/policy/gen/leg/recovery/index.html.  It is the first thing listed on the recovery page as you scroll down, in Excel and PDF versions.  Also, below is the link to the President's speech on education delivered on Tuesday, March 10.  http://www.whitehouse.gov/the_press_office/Remarks-of-the-President-to-the-Hispanic-Chamber-of-Commerce/

·         Web resource page for states and LEAs on the best ideas on school modernization.  - http://www.ed.gov/policy/gen/leg/recovery/modernization

·         White House information on the stimulus package – go to:  http://www.whitehouse.gov/the_press_office/White-House-Releases-State-by-State-Numbers-American-Recovery-and-Reinvestment-Act-to-Save-or-Create-35-Million-Jobs/

·         The ESEA Title I LEA Allocations of AARA funds are live on the web at http://www.ed.gov/about/overview/budget/titlei/fy09recovery/index.html.

·         To obtain a copy of the bill go to:  http://frwebgate.access.gpo.gov/cgi-bin/getdoc.cgi?dbname=111_cong_bills&docid=f:h1enr.txt.pdf

·         To get a copy of the conference report:   http://frwebgate.access.gpo.gov/cgi-bin/getdoc.cgi?dbname=111_cong_reports&docid=f:hr016.111.pdf


Floor Action:




Committee Action:



Legislation Introduced:






Today, Monday, March 23, the Subcommittee on Higher Education, Lifelong Learning and Competitiveness (Hinojosa, Texas) of the House Education and Labor (Miller, California) is holding a field hearing on "New Innovations and Best Practices Under the Workforce Investment Act," at 10:00 a.m. at the New York State Education Department Auditorium, 89 Washington Avenue, Albany, New York.  Witnesses to be announced.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, March 24, Health, Employment, Labor and Pensions Subcommittee (Andrews, New Jersey) of the House Education and Labor (Miller, California) are holding a hearing on "Retirement Security: The Importance of an Independent Investment Adviser," at 10:30 a.m. in room 2175 Rayburn. Witnesses to be announced.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, March 24, the Subcommittee on Research and Science Education (Lipinski, Illinois) of the House Committee on Science and Technology will hold a hearing on Coordination of International Science Partnerships at 2 PM in 2318 Rayburn.

POSTPONED – NEW DATE AVAILABLE LATER -- Tuesday, March 24, Next SEE FORUM, Building a Foundation for the Future: A Discussion on the Latest Research on Elementary School Math Curricula.   According to recent research, many American children begin school lacking strong mathematics skills, and these deficits often continue to grow, especially for children from lower socio-economic backgrounds.  These findings, and the need to educate students for 21st century jobs, highlight the importance of knowing how to  effectively teach mathematics to our children beginning in the early grades.  The Scientific Evidence in Education (SEE) Forums will host an interactive  discussion to review the latest  findings on elementary school math curricula and discuss the current research base. The forum will focus on the recent findings of the Institute of Education Sciences’ large-scale study, Achievement Effects of Four Early Elementary School Math Curricula, which investigates the achievement results for first graders in 39 schools using four popular elementary school math curricula: Investigations in Number, Data, and Space; Math Expressions; Saxon Math; and Scott Foresman-Addison Wesley  Mathematics. PanelistsRoberto Agodini, Senior Economist, Mathematica Policy Research, Inc. and Study Director and Principal Investigator; Joan Ferrini-Mundy, Director of the Division of Research on Learning in Formal and Informal Settings, National Science Foundation; Jim Lewis, Director of the Center for Science, Mathematics, and Computer Education, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; and Moderator:  Rebecca Herman, Director of the SEE Forums and  Managing Research Analyst, American Institutes for Research.  To be held from 12:30 to 1:45 PM (Lunch served at Noon) at the National Press Club.  Please RSVP for this event at http://www.seeforums.org/registration.aspx

Tomorrow, Tuesday, March 24, An Army of Great Teachers?  Today’s most successful K–12 schools have a voracious appetite for talent. Indeed, successful charter school networks—like KIPP and Achievement First—are perhaps most notable for their ability to create a “no excuses” culture staffed with talented, passionate, and hard-working recruits. Given that the nation’s public schools employ more than 3.3 million teachers, reform strategies based on these successful models quickly run into questions about how many superstar teachers can be found and how long they will teach. In short, the very strategies that have fueled the success of some of America’s most admired schools may not be feasible nationwide. Such issues are particularly relevant in light of the Obama administration’s new Innovation Fund, intended to support efforts to replicate these successful ventures. Teachers may be the most important element of an effective school, but must K–12 improvement wait on the ability of schools or systems to recruit, nurture, and retain outstanding teachers? Can reformers and practitioners devise ways to increase this pool of talent or devise highly effective school models that are less reliant on standout teachers? What do these human capital challenges mean for charter schooling, district reformers, and teacher education? AEI’s director of education policy studies Frederick M. Hess will moderate a discussion among distinguished panelists: Norman Atkins, the founder and CEO of Teacher U at Hunter College; Kaya Henderson, deputy chancellor for human capital and community relations for the District of Columbia Public Schools; Katherine K. Merseth, director of teacher education at Harvard University and author of Inside Urban Charter Schools: Promising Practices and Strategies in Five High-Performing Schools (Harvard Education Press, 2009); and Steven F. Wilson, the founder and CEO of Ascend Learning Inc. and author of a recent AEI working paper on human capital in charter schooling.  To be held at AEI, 1150 Seventeenth Street, N.W., 12th floor from 3:30 to 5 PM.  To attend RSVP to:  ww.aei.org/event1895

NEW-- Tomorrow, Tuesday, March 24, 2009Release of the National Speak Up 2008 Data Findings - hear how K-12 students, parents, teachers and school principals think their schools should spend stimulus dollars to improve learning.  The agenda will feature a presentation of key data findings from the Speak Up 2008 National Research Project by Project Tomorrow’s CEO, Julie Evans, other speakers commenting on the data findings, and an interactive panel discussion with high school students who participated in the Speak Up surveys, including students from Australia who are joining us to provide an international perspective.    “Students Say They Have to ‘Power Down’ When They Enter Schools; Despite Overwhelming Agreement that Technology Needs to Be Integrated In Classroom, Most Students Say They Step Back in Time.”  Despite overwhelming agreement among parents, teachers and principals that the effective implementation of technology in schools is crucial to student success, students say they step back in time when they enter the school building each morning, according to the 2008 Speak Up findings. Additionally, less than half of students think school is preparing them for their futures, signaling a potential weakness in the future global competitiveness of our nation.  Participants include: • Students from Virginia and Maryland High Schools, and a student from Australia (international perspective); Julie Evans, Project Tomorrow; Rep. Dennis Rehberg (Montana);Laura Abshire, Legislative Director for Rep. Mike Ross ((Arkansas); Dr. Katherine Bihr, Tiger Woods Learning Center; Chris Rother, CDW Government, Inc.; and for more information, visit www.tomorrow.orgThe release and briefing will be from NOON to 1:30 PM (lunch provided) in B-339 Rayburn. Learn more @  www.tomorrow.org/speakup/speakup_congress.html.   Please rsvp to: rsvp@tomorrow.org.  For more information about Speak Up and this event, please contact: Laurie Smith, Project Tomorrow, lsmith@tomorrow.org,  949-609-4660 x17.  

Wednesday, March 25, the House Committee on Education and Labor (Miller, California) is holding a full committee hearing on "GAO’s Undercover Investigation: Wage Theft of America’s Vulnerable Workers," at 10:00 a.m. in 2175 Rayburn. Witnesses to be announced.

Wednesday, March 25, the Subcommittee on the Federal Workforce, Postal Service and the District of Columbia (Lynch, Massachusetts) of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform (Towns, New York) will mark up HR 626 (Maloney, New York), the Federal Employees Parental Leave Act of 2009 to provide that 4 of the 12 weeks of parental leave made available to a Federal employee shall be paid leave at 9:30 am in 2154 Rayburn.

Wednesday, March 25, Alliance for Excellent Education Invites you to attend, Accelerated Learning for All: How Access to College Courses Can Help Struggling Students Graduate from High School and Succeed in College and Work.  Nationwide, there has been a growing call to increase the rigor of high school coursework so that all students graduate prepared for college and the twenty-first-century workplace. Early college enrollment programs, traditionally reserved for gifted students, have begun to be made available to others, including English language learners and low-income students. As policymakers—including the Obama administration and Congress—look for ways to ensure more students graduate from high school and continue on to college and the workplace, their efforts must be informed by the research, best practices, and programs from around the country.  The Early College High School Initiative, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, brings college courses to students through grants to intermediary organizations to establish Early College High Schools. The Gateway to College model focuses on collaborations between community colleges and high schools serving over age and under credited students, many of whom have already dropped out of high school. Presenters are:  Andrea Berger, Senior Research Analyst, American Institutes for Research; Ben Byers, Director of Evaluation and Information Technology, Gateway to College; Amy Crowley, Program Director, Gateway to College; and Andrew Smiles, Program Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  To be held at the Washington Court Hotel, Ballroom III from 9:30 to 11:30 AM (continental breakfast at 9 am).  To attend RSVP:  subject line “RSVP: March 25 Breakfast” to all4ed@all4ed.org or contact Shawnice Hood at (202) 828-0828 no later than Monday, March 23, 2009


Wednesday, March 25, CLASP Audio Conference Announcement: What the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Means for Programs Serving Low-Income Americans.  It will begin at 1 PM  Guests: Mala Thakur, Executive Director, National Youth Employment Coalition; Sally Prouty, Executive Director, The Corps Network; Don Spangler, Policy Advisor, Philadelphia Youth Network; Moderator: Linda Harris, Director, Youth Policy, CLASP.  To register go to:  http://www.clasp.org/audio_registration.php?id=675

Thursday, March 26, the House Committee on Education and Labor (Miller, California) is holding a full committee hearing on "The Economic and Employment Impact of the Arts and Music Industry," at 10:00 a.m. in 2175 Rayburn. Witnesses to be announced.

Thursday, March 26, Release on online of Technology Counts 2009.  Go to www.edweek.org/go/tc09.

Thursday, March 26, Accelerating Latino Student Success in Higher EducationExcelencia in Education will host a breakfast briefing and showcase to honor the 2008 Examples of Excelencia: programs and institutional departments demonstrating evidence of accelerating Latino success in higher education. The briefing will include an update on the status of achievement for Latino students in higher education and a discussion of the work being done by the 2008 Examples of Excelencia to enhance America's competitiveness by improving outcomes for the nation's fastest-growing student population.  Speakers include: Michelle Gilliard, Senior Director, The Wal-Mart Foundation; Deborah Santiago, Vice President for Policy and Research, Excelencia in Education; Representatives from 2008 Examples of Excelencia programs:  Bilingual Nursing Fellows Program, South Mountain Community College, AZ; Bachelor of Architecture Program, Woodbury University, Burbank, CA; Intellectual Entrepreneurship Pre-Graduate Internship Program, The University of Texas at Austin, TX; and Moderated by Sarita Brown, President, Excelencia in Education.  To be held from 8:30 to 10 AM in 2168 Rayburn, Gold Room.  RSVP to attend:  http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/1726/t/2861/event/index.jsp?event_KEY=47737

Thursday, March 26, The National Council on Teacher Quality will hold a conference entitled Help or Hindrance? The Impact of Teacher Roles, Rules and Rights on Teacher Quality. It features five original papers, presented as part of a competition to make the best use of NCTQ's database on collective bargaining rules and regulations. Judging the papers will be Steven Adamowski (Hartford Superintendent), Jane Hannaway (Urban Institute), Eric Hanushek (Hoover Institution), Susan Moore Johnson (Harvard University), Eugenia Kemble (Albert Shanker Institute), and Donald Langenberg (Chancellor Emeritus, University of Maryland). For more information and registration go to:  http://www.nctq.org/tr3/conference/

Friday, March 27, Pedro Noguera and Wendy Puriefoy will host a joint forum on Capitol Hill entitled: Education and Economic Renewal: A Broader and Bolder Approach to School Reform.  It will feature nationally acclaimed leaders in business, education, government. They will discuss how educational policy should interact with efforts to promote economic development, community empowerment and child well-being.  Confirmed presenters are Ohio Governor Ted Strickland; David Wyss, Chief Economist, Standard and Poor’s; Dennis Maple, President of Aramark Education, and Randi Weingarten, President of the American Federation of Teachers.  Confirmed responders are Montgomery County Superintendent of Schools Jerry Weast; and Rudy Crew former NYC School Chancellor and Superintendent in Miami Dade (currently teaching at the University of Southern California). This is an open Policy Forum to RSVP or additional information contact La Ruth Gray at 212-998-5137 or email her at laruth.gray@nyu.edu. The forum will be held from 9:30 AM  to 12:30 PM in 2261 Rayburn.


Friday, March 27, The Academic Progress Workgroup of the Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council (PESC) wants your input and feedback to the timely and crucial issue of academic progress. This is a conference call at 3:30 PM (EST).  President Obama’s education agenda is shaping up to include more funding and accountability measures to help states and institutions monitor and support academic progress across the P-20 spectrum including assessments, standards and longitudinal data systems.  Now the hard work of developing a community specification for measuring, tracking and supporting academic progress begins.  Contribute your perspectives, priorities and concerns on the topic of academic progress with other thought leaders. We value your insight and opinions and would appreciate your representation and participation at our upcoming events.  To read the PESC Academic Progress Work Group Charter see:  http://academicprogress.blogspot.com/2009/02/academic-progress-charter.html.  To join the Conference Dial-in Number: (712) 775-7100; Participant Access Code: 726310#


Friday, March 27, Technology Counts 2009:  E-Learning Opens New Doors for School Improvement – a live chat.  From Noon to 1 PM (EST) go to:  www.edweek.org/go/chats.






Tuesday, March 31, Technology Counts 2009:  E-Education Expands Opportunities for Raising Achievement—a  Free Webinar.    It will examine how online learning is disrupting the traditional ways of delivering education and what that means for educators and their efforts to raise student achievement.  From 1 PM to 2:15 PM (EST), go to www.edweek.org/go/webinar.



Wednesday, April 1, 9th Annual Jacqueline P. Danzberger Memorial Lecture.   Bob Wise, President of the Alliance for Excellent Education, former Governor of West Virginia and former U.S. House of Representative Member (2nd District of West Virginia), will deliver the Lecture.  He will focus on the leadership that local, state and federal leaders must provide ─ individually and collectively ─ to support high school reform and ensure that all students graduate from high school prepared for success.  In his own inimitable way, Bob will talk about what it will take to get the ‘education car out of the ditch.’ 

The Danzberger Lecture is a tribute to a long-time IEL staff member (and school board member in Connecticut and EPFP 75-76) who spent her career studying school governance and leadership, and championing reform.  While delivering the 4th Lecture, noted philanthropist Melinda French Gates said, “. . . this forum . . . has become one of the most important platforms in the country for discussing the hard issues facing educators and school boards.”  You can review previous Lectures at http://www.iel.org/pubs/dls.html.  To be held from 4:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m., at the Grand Hyatt Hotel.  To ensure that the appropriate seating and refreshment arrangements are made, RSVP to iel@iel.org on or before March 25th . Coffee and cookies will be available from 4:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., and the Lecture will begin promptly at 5:00 p.m.


April 1-3 (Denver, Colorado), Urban Teacher Partnership (UTP)* 2nd Annual Summit -- Great Teachers for Our City Schools:  A National Summit on Recruiting, Preparing and Retaining Quality Urban Teachers. A call for presentations in the areas of Teacher Preparation, Teacher Recruitment and Teacher Retention  with a deadline of January 9, 2009. Go to http://www.mscd.edu/~utp/.  You can also register on this website.  Focus of the conference is to provide an opportunity for leaders of state and local P-16 partnerships, urban district teachers and administrators, college and university faculty and administrators, researchers, and education policy analysts from around the country to share promising practices, discuss current knowledge, and strengthen our local and national commitment to quality teachers and student achievement in urban and high-needs schools.  For additional information, contact Isabella Muturi Sauve at the Urban Teacher Partnership, Metropolitan State College of Denver, at 303-352-4956 or isauve@mscd.edu


April 2-4 (New Orleans), National Afterschool Association Convention, Web Site: http://www.naaconvention.org


Friday, April 3, Technology Counts 2009:  E-Learning Lessons K-12 Can Learn from Higher Education – a live chat.  From NOON to 1 PM (EST), go to www.edweek.org/go/chats.


Sunday, April 5- 7, 6th Annual Conference on Technology & Standards in Higher Education  which will focus on issues of concern to PESC, NCHELP, SHEEO, FSA, SIFA, financial aid, standards, SOA, open source, student loan, postsecondary, and data quality control. The Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council (PESC), in partnership with the National Council of Higher Education Loan Programs (NCHELP) and the State Higher Education Executive Officers (SHEEO) are sponsoring this meeting.  It will be held at Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol HIll, Washington, DC.  For more information go to:  ... http://events.linkedin.com/6th-Annual-Conference-Technology/pub/30825

Monday, April 6, Race to the Top? The Promise—and Challenges—of Charter School GrowthSecretary of Education Arne Duncan’s $5 billion “Race to the Top” allocation in the recent $787 billion stimulus bill provides the opportunity to implement President Obama’s promise to expand the reach of the nation’s best charter schools. But maintaining excellence while growing quickly creates abundant challenges. How could the growth rate of charter school networks be accelerated? How should they learn to recognize and address potential pitfalls along the way? What would it take to organize and staff these ventures to allow them to expand more readily, to better meet new challenges, and to adapt to new locales? A new report coauthored by AEI director of education policy studies Frederick M. Hess and Harvard Graduate School of Education associate professor Monica Higgins considers these and other questions. there are more than 4,600 charter schools across the United States with an enrollment of over 1.3 million students. While this represents impressive growth for a type of school that did not exist two decades ago, even staunch proponents concede that not all charter schools are outstanding. Furthermore, the schools that are successful serve only a tiny percentage of the nation’s 50 million students.  Recognizing this reality, several charter school networks have embarked on ambitious growth plans. Most noticeably, KIPP, with generous backing from the Pisces Foundation, hopes to nearly double its size, expanding from sixty-six to one hundred schools by 2011.  Presenters: Frederick M. Hess, AEI and Monica Higgins, Harvard Graduate School of Education; Discussants:  Mike Feinberg, KIPP Academies; Donald Hense, Friendship Public Charter School; Greg Richmond, National Association of Charter School Authorizers; and Moderator:  Frederick M. Hess, AEI.  To be held at AEI, 1150 17th Street, NW, 12th Floor from 9:30 to 11 AM.  RSVP to:  www.aei.org/event1904


Tuesday, April 14, Alliance for Excellent Education is holding  meeting entitled Meaningful Measurement: The Role of Assessments in Improving High School Education in the Twenty-First Century.  This all-day conference will explore key issues related to both the development and use of assessments, as well as federal policy implications. This includes the development of college- and work-ready assessments, the use of formative assessments, the assessment of English language learners and students with disabilities, the use of assessments for growth models at the high school level, U.S. participation in and use of international assessments, and the role of technology in improving assessments.   It will be held at the Washington Court Hotel from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM.  Space for this event is limited; RSVPs will be accepted on a “first-come” basis.  Acceptances ONLY with subject line “April 14 Assessment Conference” to all4ed@all4ed.org or contact Shawnice Hood at (202) 828-0828 by April 7, 2009.


NEW – Thursday, April 16, the Department of Energy, through its EnergySmart Schools initiative, is holding a webcast on Implementing Recommendations from the Advanced Energy Design Guide for K-12 School Buildings.  Paul Torcellini and Shanti Pless of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory will present a comprehensive overview of the Guide, which provides recommendations based on climate zones to achieve 30% energy savings over baseline standard in both new and renovation school building projects. Webcast participants who are also members of The American Institute of Architects (AIA) are eligible to receive 2.0 AIA/CES Learning Units (HSW/SD) for successful completion of the training.  Please go to:  http://www1.eere.energy.gov/buildings/energysmartschools/aedg_webcast.html  to find out the various times the webcast will be offered by time zone and to register for it.


April 16-17, the annual National Conference on Summer Learning in Chicago, Illinois.  This is the only national conference dedicated to summer learning, and learn how to build, strengthen and expand summer programsFor information and conference registration go to: http://www.summerlearning.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=105&Itemid=427


April 16-18, Big Picture Learning’s Annual Meeting, “Schools, Innovation and Influence:  Transforming Education, One Student at a Time,” in Providence, Rhode Island.  For more information and registration go to:  www.bigpicture.org.



April 17-18, 2009, Increasing Student Achievement: Using Data to Lead Change, Spring 2009 K-12 Leadership Institute, Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines in La Jolla, California. Presented by Johns Hopkins University School of Education’s Center for Data-Driven Reform in Education.  Please join leading education researchers and district and school leaders at a two-day institute to: * Learn to use your school’s data in a continuous improvement process; * Examine why using research-proven interventions are your best bet for school improvement; * Step through a process of continuous improvement, from goal setting to selecting interventions; * Bring your school’s data to engage in an evidence-based process that’s customized for you; and * Network with other district and school leaders. 

On-line registration is available at: http://www.cddre.org/institute.html


April 17-19, The National Institute for Excellence in Teaching (NIET) will hold its 9th Annual National Teacher Advancement Program (TAP)™ Conference at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites in Los Angeles, California. The National TAP Conference will be held in conjunction with the Milken National Education Conference (NEC)—an annual gathering to welcome the newest class of Milken Educator Award recipients and distinguished representatives from academia, government, business and the community to discuss solutions to America’s biggest challenges in education. The theme of this year's conference is Comprehensive Teacher Quality Reform: Policy and Practice for a New Era.  Participants will include more than 600 school-based practitioners implementing TAP's comprehensive teacher quality reforms.  More information and registration at www.talentedteachers.org

April 22-24, American Association of School Administrators' Legislative Advocacy Conference. This is the major federal legislative event of the year for school system leaders! Learn more at http://www.aasa.org/conferences/iMisEventDetail.cfm?ItemNumber=10860

Monday, April 27 – Friday, May 1, School Building Week 2009 presented by the Council of Educational Facility Planners International.  School Building Week 2009 features a weeklong celebration of school facilities. Reinforcing the connection between school facilities and student learning, School Building Week provides an opportunity to increase public awareness of the importance of well-planned, healthy, high performance, safe and sustainable schools that enhance student performance and contribute to community vitality.  It is a time when schools and school districts may engage in activities and celebrations that channel students, parents, legislators and other affected constituencies to consider the role the school building plays in the educational process and in the current and future vitality of their communities.  Each community values its schools in a manner unique to its local educational needs and curriculum focus.  Today we have an opportunity to create effective learning environments that reflect the community’s unique assets as well as its needs; serve as a resource of education, health and human services to students and neighborhood members alike; and strengthen community life.  Every day of the week has a different theme:  Monday, April 27 - Healthy Schools Day;  Tuesday, April 28 - Historic Schools Day; Wednesday, April 29 - Senior Citizens in Schools Day and School of the Future National Jury; Thursday, April 30- Schools as Centers of Community Day and School Building Week Reception and Awards Ceremony; and Friday, May 1 - School Building Day.  Please visit  www.cefpi.org/sbw for more specifics or contact Barbara Worth, barb@cefpi.org for further information.  More on School Building Week in Other Information.


Wednesday, April 29 –  Saturday, May 2, National Council on Educating Black Children National Convention:  Moving the Agenda:  A Blueprint for Educating Black Male Students.  To be held at the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel.  Visit www.ncebc.org for convention information.l7-283-9081 or visit our website at r complete -283-9081 or visit our website at or 81 or visit our website


Friday, April 30 – Saturday, May 2, Education Writers Association Annual Meeting to be held at the Madison Hotel in Washington, DC.  More information to follow. Speakers and registration information will be posted at www.ewa.org and http://www.ewa.org/desktopdefault.aspx?page_id=118&resource_id=4003


May 13-14, SIF Association End-User Meeting in Atlanta.  This meeting brings together educators and policymakers from across educational organizations to share best practices, participate in hands-on workshops and learn from other state departments of education and school districts in their implementations of SIF.  Please visit www.sifassociation.org or contact Lisa Marks, lmarks@sifassociation, for additional information.



May 28, American Enterprise Institute presents an all-day forum entitled:  Educational Innovation and Philadelphia's School of the FutureGrand claims about the transformative power of technology in education are common, yet decades of high school redesign have yielded mixed results. One of the most widely touted efforts to tackle these challenges has been the School of the Future in the Philadelphia School District, created in 2006 through a partnership with the Microsoft Corporation. This $63 million school incorporated new technologies in areas such as data and curriculum management, virtual simulations and mentoring, and personalized instruction intended to fundamentally change how students learn in high school. National Public Radio touted the school as “the next big thing,” and Education Week described it as “a new high-tech school [that is] strutting its stuff.”  AEI and Microsoft have assembled a select team of analysts to explore how this pioneering effort is unfolding on the ground and the lessons it holds for the use of technology and high school redesign. New research will examine key elements of the School of the Future—including its genesis, design, flaws, and implications—and what it can teach about broader questions regarding educational innovation, public-private partnerships, and the integration of technology in the classroom. At this AEI conference, researchers will present their findings, and an array of discussants will respond.  To be held from 9:00 a.m.–3:45 p.m. at 1150 Seventeenth Street, N.W., the Wohlstetter Conference Center, Twelfth Floor.  To attend RSVP to:  www.aei.org/event1865.  For more information, contact Thomas Gift at thomas.gift@aei.org or 202.862.5822.


June 21-24, 2009, 9th Annual National Charter Schools Conference -- “Charter Schools: Leading Change in Public Education” being held in

Washington D.C;  You can register for the meeting online by going to http://www.nationalcharterconference.org.  If you have questions write or call:  veriavs@gmail.com OR call (954) 481-8960. 

June 21-26, 2009, 14th Special Education Law Symposium - Balancing Change and Continuity will be held on the campus at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pa. You can register online by going to http://www.lehigh.edu/education/law. If you have questions write or call: tlp205@lehigh.edu or 610.758.3226.


July 7-9 – National Meeting on 21st Century Community Learning Centers program, Nashville, Tennessee.  More information to follow.

July 9-11, The Asia Society’s Partnership for Global Learning is hosting Putting the World into World-Class Education  A National Forum for Policymakers and Practitioners” is being held at the Marriott Crystal Gateway Hotel in Crystal City, Virginia. Join teachers, leaders and policymakers from across K-16 education to share best practices, build partnerships, and advance policies to ensure that all students are prepared for work and citizenship in the global 21st century. For more information on this event or the Asia Society Partnership for Global Learning, please visit www.asiasociety.org/pgl.

Fall 2009, the next ETS Achievement Gap Symposium will be held on the topic of out-of-school learning and its impact on academic achievement.  More information to follow.

September 15-17, The National College Access Network (NCAN) invites you to submit proposals for breakout sessions at its Annual Conference to be held this fall. Please forward this opportunity widely to your colleagues, associates and organizational members. If you would like more information on how to be a presenter at our 2009 Annual Conference, the NCAN homepage for more information -- http://www.collegeaccess.org/  Session Proposal deadline is Friday, March 20! Please visit www.collegeaccess.org/callforproposalsThe Annual Conference will take place at the Hilton San Francisco. Online registration is coming soon!


Other Information of Interest

·         School Building Week (April 27-May 1) features a weeklong celebration of school facilities. Reinforcing the connection between school facilities and student learning, School Building Week provides an opportunity to increase public awareness of the importance of well-planned, healthy, high performance, safe and sustainable schools that enhance student performance and contribute to community vitality.  The School of the Future Student Design Competition is the centerpiece of School Building Week and illustrates the kind of creativity students bring to the planning and design process. The competition challenges middle school students to design or redesign their schools to enhance learning, conserve resources, be environmentally responsive and engage the surrounding community.  The multi-disciplinary solution requires students to follow a planning process from the concept phase to the completion of a formal school building design project.  The first-place regional winning teams travel to Washington, DC for the final jury process, awards ceremony and cash prizes.

·         Downtown Office Space Available:  Bernstein Strategy’s office suite has one or two offices available to sublet as of April 1, 2009. Each available office comes equipped with phone, Internet and satellite television connections. Tech support is available to support your computer needs. All suite occupants will have access to our suite's fully furnished conference room and kitchen/workroom facilities. Additionally, our fax machine, printer and copier could also be at your disposal.  Our building is well located -- on 18th Street between I and K Streets on -- and directly across the street from the Farragut West Metro. In-building parking is available. The building itself has a concierge and security. Please contact Jon Bernstein at jbernstein@jbernsteinstrategy.com if you are interested in the space


Job Opportunities


·         Vice President for Research at the National Center on Time & Learning (NCTL) in Boston, Massachusetts.  The Center is dedicated to expanding learning time to improve student achievement and enable a well-rounded education for children.  Through research, public policy, and technical assistance, the National Center for Time & Learning (NCTL) supports initiatives that replicate best practices for redesigning and expanding school time to help children meet the demands of the 21st century.   To lead and coordinate these research activities, the Vice President for Research will: (1) Supervise a small research staff and numerous individual and institutional research partnerships in order to define, organize, catalyze and promote the new field of research focused on time’s impact on learning outcomes; (2) Oversee research commissioned by NCTL to ensure high quality, from the design phase through publication; (3) Leverage research findings generated by and affiliated with NCTL to shape policy and practice; (4) Facilitate the development of a robust network of scholars and education thinkers who embrace the new field of “time reform” research; (5) Lead NCTL’s annual analysis of academic outcome data in the schools participating in the NCTL network (e.g. the 26 schools involved in the Massachusetts Expanded Learning Time Initiative.); (6) Serve as the chief spokesperson for research; (7) Work with NCTL’s leadership to coordinate and align the research agenda with the overall mission of this growing national organization; and (8) Develop and execute a fundraising strategy targeting both public and private sources.  The individual should have the following qualifications: (a) a doctorate in education or related field; (b) Strong ties to networks of researchers, regional education laboratories, national research organizations, research funders, etc.; (c) Thorough understanding of the education reform landscape, including knowledge of current research initiatives in universities, private sector and government agencies; (d)  Significant research experience and sound reputation among academic researchers; (e) Strong statistical and data analysis skills; (f) Demonstrated ability to communicate research to diverse audiences; (g) Ability to manage a number of initiatives and researchers simultaneously; and (h) Demonstrated success in obtaining competitive research funding.  All applicants -- Due to the pace of this search, candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible, but no later than April 15, 2009. Applications should include a cover letter describing your interest and qualifications, your resume (in Word format) and salary history.  Applications should be sent via email to hr@timeandlearning.org.  For more information about the National Center on Time & Learning, go to www.timeandlearning.org. Further information on Massachusetts 2020 may be found at http://www.mass2020.org


·         Raise Your Hand for Texas (RYHT) seeks a founding CEO, responsible for all aspects of building RYHT and realizing its full potential as a positive and effective force for public education.  He/she will have all of the authority and accountabilities customarily associated with a chief executive.  More specifically, the CEO will have the following responsibilities: (1) Provide strategic direction to RYHT and all of its component elements, forming and communicating clear goals, objectives, and implementation strategies for each of its legislative and constituency building initiatives; (2) Recruit, inform, collaborate with, and sustain a growing bipartisan group of business, professional, and community leaders dedicated to supporting and strengthening public schools; (3) Ensure that RYHT becomes a “thought leader” and “go-to resource” in the State on key issues in public education.  Stay on top of the latest relevant national research, discerning where and how the information applies to Texas, and make this data available in well communicated forms to stakeholders and policy makers; (4) Work with a team of marketing/advertising/media relations specialists to develop and implement a comprehensive communication strategy for reaching all of RYHT’s target audiences, its members, and its actual and potential allies; (5) Work with a lobbying team to develop and execute effective strategies and tactics for advocacy of positive changes and opposition to harmful proposals; (6) Develop a network of relationships and regular interactions with print and electronic journalists in the Capitol and across the State; (7) Identify and recruit expert educators, opinion leaders, and community representatives to serve as witnesses, speakers, and participants in RYHT-sponsored conferences; (8) Organize grassroots campaigns, events, and activities, and manage RYHT participation in those sponsored by other organizations; (9) Manage the RYHT budget to maximize the impact achieved per dollar spent; and (10) Serve as a vibrant public spokesperson for RYHT, making personal appearances to raise public awareness of public school achievements and needs, while also orchestrating appearances of members of the Board and other prominent RYHT supporters.  Qualifications:  (a) Deep personal passion for and commitment to public education and its crucial role in preparing children and youth to succeed in the demanding world of the 21st Century; (b) Demonstrated capacity for strategic thinking in a complex political and policy making setting, combined with the highly developed interpersonal skills necessary to operate effectively with individuals of all political persuasions while maintaining a nonpartisan identity, both personally and for RYHT; (c) The political savvy, listening capability, and organizational skills required to develop a legislative agenda, create effective strategies for pursuing it, and orchestrate the many forms of action required to mobilize all of the leaders and grassroots constituencies necessary for the agenda to succeed; (d) Knowledge of the major public education policy issues as they arise in urban, suburban and rural settings, together with sufficient education-related experience to be credible as the leader of and spokesperson for an organization dedicated to RYHT’s goals; (e) Identification of personal success with the success of the organization at reaching its full potential and at generating clear, measurable results, both in the quality of State policy and in student achievement improvements enabled by policy changes; (f) Very strong personal communication skills, both oral and written and suited to audiences and individuals of widely varying levels of knowledge of education issues, together with the capacity to conceptualize and oversee execution of a comprehensive organizational communication/media relations strategy; (g) High energy, creativity, drive, perseverance, courage, resilience and self-starting capacity; (h) The capacity to recognize, recruit, and retain excellent staff and contractors, and to effectively manage and blend in-house and out-of-house human resources in team efforts; (i) The ability to work productively with a Board of prominent leaders from many walks of life and to make full use of their capacities to advance the RYHT cause; (j) The enthusiasm, persuasiveness, articulateness and advanced presentational skills necessary for effective fund raising for a nonprofit enterprise; and (k) Willingness to relocate to the Austin area.  Compensation:  The CEO will receive a salary competitive with that of a senior executive in a major nonprofit organization.  The Board will also consider performance-based incentive compensation.  Standard fringe benefits will also be provided.  For More Information and to Apply:  Nominations, inquiries, and applications may be sent in confidence to:  Karen Wilcox, Vice President or Rebecca Swartz, Senior Associate; Isaacson, Miller; 334 Boylston Street, Suite 500; Boston, MA 02116; 617.262.6500 or email -- ryht@imsearch.com

·         College Summit Director of Public Policy -- College Summit, a nationally recognized nonprofit dedicated to increasing the college and career success of the nation’s low-income students, seeks an experienced, entrepreneurial Director of Public Policy to spearhead the organization’s policy goals.  College Summit’s vision is that one day, all students in America will experience high school not as a destination, but as a “launchpad” to their college and career success.  Central to achieving that vision is the advancement of public policies that encourage high schools to foster college-going culture for all students, and to increase the number of students who graduate college-ready, and successfully enroll in well-matched colleges where they are poised to succeed.  Responsibilities of the Director of Public Policy will be expected to: (1) Cultivate strong bipartisan relationships with Congress, the Administration, the Department of Education, and leading national education policy organizations and foundations; (2) Facilitate a coalition of organizations to improve the availability of college enrollment and persistence data by high schools across the nation; (3) Cultivate a business community coalition that supports and actively advocates for making college-going a reward measure of high schools; (4) Write compelling strategic communications to advance the policy agenda among key constituencies, including media; (5) Oversee the research and serve as lead writer of College Summit’s annual white paper promoting the nation’s progress towards fostering “launchpad” high schools; (6) Build advocacy skills among College Summit’s local sites; (7) Work with Congressional representatives and staff on relevant and emerging legislation; (8)Manage one direct report; and grow the team over a three-year period.; and (9) Monitor and provide analysis of federal and state legislation and regulations on education policy to ensure College Summit’s participation is strategic and effective.  Qualifications: (1) Five to seven years of experience working for or with members of Congress; (2) Proven track record of advancing a policy agenda directly with the federal government and through strategic collaborations.; (3) Exceptional writing, oral communication, presentation and research skills; (4) Experience managing a team effectively and cultivating talent; (5) Relevant experience in K-12 and/or higher education policy at the national and/or state level; (6) Passion for and commitment to College Summit’s mission; (7) Mature individual with ability to drive agenda forward by building strong partnerships with diverse groups of constituents; (8) Flexible and innovative thinker with the ability to excel in a fast paced environment; (9) Strategic, analytical approach combined with professionalism and charisma; (10) Ability to engage and inspire a wide range of audiences; and (11) Strong organizational skills, including outstanding attention to detail. Salary & Benefits:  Salary is competitive and commensurate with experience, and includes excellent benefits.  To Apply:  Please email a compelling cover letter and resume to Human Assets Department at jobs@collegesummit.org.  

·         The Mind Trust (www.themindtrust.org) is now accepting applications for its third cohort of Education Entrepreneur Fellows.  The Fellowship, a nationally unique incubator for transformative education ventures, offers promising education entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop and launch their break-the-mold education ventures and the support necessary for success.  Fellows receive an annual salary of $90,000 for two years, benefits, and a $20,000 stipend for travel and professional development.  Interested candidates may apply online at www.themindtrust.org.  Statements of Intent are due July 31, 2009.  Fellowships will be awarded by November 20, 2009.  Attached please find a job description and profiles of The Mind Trust’s current fellows.  For more information, please visit our website at www.themindtrust.org or contact us at fellowship@themindtrust.org or 317-822-8102.  The Mind Trust’s mission is to dramatically improve public education for underserved students by empowering education entrepreneurs to develop or expand transformative education initiatives. 

·         The Pew Charitable Trust-- Pew Center on the States is in search of a Project Director to join the Make Voting Work Initiative within the Pew Center on the States. The initiative, Make Voting Work seeks to develop and pursue an ambitious agenda to modernize the means by which we administer our elections by advancing policies, practices and technologies that address critical aspects against which any election system should be measured.  The Associate, Make Voting Work will help design and implement research and analysis for the initiaive, coordinate convenings, manage special projects, maintain internal and external communications and support other programmatic investments and budget activities. A Bachelor's degree is required and Master's is preferred. One to three years of relevant professional experience conducting research and policy analysis and strong MS Office skills are required. This position is approved through December 2009 with the possibility of renewal depending on the initiative's program success, board approval and continued funding. The position is based in Washington, D.C. For a complete job description and additional information go to:  http://intranet-pct.icims.com/jobs/1665/job.

·         Citizen Schools , Campus Director, New York City  -- This is an instructional leadership and management role for individuals with at least two years of highly successful teaching in a low-income environment, ideally with students in the middle grades.  Charged with the management of a campus site serving about 100 middle-school students, Campus Directors are responsible for the supervision and coaching of 5-7 professional educators, as well as recruiting, selecting, and supervising approximately 30 volunteers from the local community. Campus Directors are also responsible for budget management, event planning, and have the opportunity to lead an annual fundraising campaign. While not required, fluency in Spanish will be highly advantageous in this role. Successful Campus Directors are well-positioned for more senior leadership roles in national non-profits, charter management organizations, school districts, and also the private sector. Interested applicants should apply immediately by submitting a resume and detailed cover letter using the link below. Applicants will be reviewed on a rolling basis. The start date for this position will be in June 2009.   To apply go to:  http://tbe.taleo.net/NA6/ats/careers/requisition.jsp?org=CITIZENSCHOOLS&cws=1&rid=193

·          Director, Government Relations for the National Association of State Boards of Education in Alexandria, VA.  The Director of Government Relations, working in close partnership with the NASBE leadership team and members of the NASBE Governmental Affairs Committee, leads federal advocacy efforts on behalf of state boards of education. To be successful, the Director must be pro-active, high-energy, and able to develop strong bipartisan relationships with the staff and Members of Congress, the Administration, and relevant education advocacy organizations and coalitions. The position requires a strong membership service ethic, including steady coordination and frequent communication with the NASBE membership. Success of the position will be judged by the visibility of the public policy priorities of NASBE and state boards of education, the improvement of NASBE advocacy tactics and tools, and the improvement and strengthening of relationships across the political spectrum.  The Director of Government Relations position is intended to further the aims of NASBE and its members as follows (in order of importance): (1) Manage all NASBE federal government relations initiatives, including staffing the NASBE Government Affairs Committee (comprised of state board of education members from across the nation); representing NASBE on coalitions, advisory groups, alliances, and related groups; and keeping NASBE leadership and membership informed in a timely manner of pending issues; (2) Lead the development and implementation of an annual legislative and regulatory advocacy strategy. Achieve solid knowledge of the work of NASBE and state boards of education and facilitate contacts between NASBE leadership and members and the Administration and the Congress so that policy goals can be achieved; (3) Keep abreast of and report on all relevant federal legislative and regulatory activities and appropriations and analyze the impact of such proposals; (4) Create written summaries, briefs, testimony, correspondence, and related documents supporting the NASBE advocacy agenda and keep key members and constituencies informed; (5) Organize and manage the annual Washington, DC-based NASBE Legislative Conference; (6) Support other major NASBE member activities as needed, including the annual conference, study group and committee meetings, and policy-focused NASBE programmatic work; (7) Work closely and collaboratively with the Executive Director, the Deputy Executive Director, and other NASBE staff to contribute to the short and long term planning, development, and operation of NASBE; and (8) Participate in ad hoc duties at the discretion of the Executive Director and Deputy Executive Director.  Qualified applicants will bring: (a) Relevant experience in K-12 education advocacy at the national and/or state-level, preferably including 5-7+ years of Capitol Hill, association, or advocacy experience; (b) Strong strategic focus with a proven track record of developing and implementing complex public policy and legislative advocacy programs; (c) Exceptional member service orientation and skills, including a willingness to embrace a member-centric association culture; (d) Superior collaborative and interpersonal skills; proven ability to work on a bipartisan basis; (e) An ability to synthesize complex information into focused public policy materials and to quickly grasp policy issues affecting public education; (f) Strong written and oral communication and presentation skills – and ability to juggle multiple tasks and work under tight time-lines; (g) bachelor’s degree required; Master’s degree, with concentration in public policy, education policy, or related field preferred.  Please send cover letter and resume to: Director, Government Relations Position, NASBE, 277 S Washington St., Suite 100, Alexandria, VA 22314, Or via e-mail: employment@nasbe.org.  Salary $75-80,000.


·         Managing Director, Collaborative Communications Group, Washington, DC.  The Managing Director will lead an internal review process, in close collaboration with the Partners and Leadership Team, to develop an integrated plan to support growth and best performance and to achieve the Company’s goals and to address new priorities. S/he will work with the leadership team to assure that the outcomes of operations achieve the Company’s strategic programmatic goals, and to strengthen internal management and team building, that enhance productivity and performance. S/he will implement new models of operation, as necessary, and facilitate required cultural changes. The Managing Director is expected to build on and reinforce a culture of accountability, productivity, and teamwork.  The Managing Director will be responsible for the day-to-day management of the Company to ensure that the planning, execution and administration of all projects, initiatives, shared services and systems are in alignment and are highly functioning. The Partners and Managing Director will work together on organizational strategy and update each other on external trends and internal operational issues. The Managing Director will assure that the Company’s leadership team has full access to all of the information and circumstances necessary for effective oversight of the Company. The position will also collaborate and support the leadership team’s efforts to concentrate on market and business development, institutional strategy, team identification and capacity building, and forming external relationships to bolster the Company’s positioning and growth strategies. firm with a business development and impact focus, and a passionate commitment to the mission and purpose of public education. The Managing Director should care deeply about making a measurable and sustainable difference in the lives of the people working in and served by this organization, and about strengthening the quality of public education and community life. S/he should possess the confidence,  knowledge, and wisdom to work effectively and creatively toward Collaborative’s goals. Candidates should have proficiency in management, organization development, implementation and measurement, communications, human resources, and budgeting and finance. Candidates should have the ability to align operations and systems in pursuit of overall institutional goals and to manage a complex, diverse organization in a progressive, entrepreneurial and consistent manner. The ability to attract, assess, and retain the best staff available is crucial. Candidates must have a keen grasp of the major political, economic, social, and cultural issues facing public education today. The Managing Director must have the skills to assure that Collaborative’s strategy is highly responsive to the changing external landscape and to opportunities to bring about positive change.  The Managing Director must have superior presentation of written and oral communications skills.  Resumes and cover letters will be reviewed as received. They may be submitted, in confidence, via email or mail. Kris Kurtenbach, Collaborative Communications Group, Inc., 1029 Vermont Ave., NW, Ninth Floor, Washington, DC, 20005 or Kurtenbach@collaborativecommunications.com. .  Contact information: info@collaborativecommunications.com

·         The Institute for Higher Education Policy (IHEP) in Washington is seeking a new Director of Research and Evaluation.  Go to www.ihep.org for information on the Institute.  Apply at drre@ihep.org.  No closing date.

·         The University of Southern California’s Rossier School of Education Invites applications for The Katzman/Ernst Chair in Educational Entrepreneurship, Technology, and InnovationThis individual will serve as a catalyst for transforming education, the Rossier School of Education (RSOE) plans to create a center that will reinvent what it means to be a school in the 21st century. The center will focus on innovations that will look radically different from the status quo in terms of the boundaries between school, home and community; the utilization of diverse types of personnel and technology; the structure of schooling (e.g. calendar, grades); and the physical environment in which schooling takes place, to name just a few examples. It also will (a) rethink curriculum, for K-12 students and for those who will teach them, and (b) make effective use of technology for innovative teaching and learning.  This, an unprecedented position within a school of education.  The individual recruited for this important position will be an intellectual leader and an entrepreneur in information technologies, including advanced electronic media, telecommunications and related satellite technology.  He or she will be able to identify and implement programs and projects at the national level to improve elementary and post-elementary education.  This person will be a visionary leader who will convene and lead a group of multidisciplinary scholars — from across the USC campus and beyond, and from such fields as business, engineering, cinematic arts, communication.  As well, she or he will establish a collaborative network of education providers in a range of settings and roles, from public and charter school operators to leaders in for-profit educational-services companies. This position is to begin August 15, 2008, if possible.  Applicants should send a CV, a cover letter outlining qualifications, experience and career goals, and the names of three references.  They should be addressed to Associate Dean Rodney Goodyear c/o Cecilia Olmos, Administrative Services Coordinator, Office of the Associate Dean for Faculty, Rossier School of Education, University of Southern California, Waite Phillips Hall 1100, Los Angeles, CA, 90089-0031.    Review of applications will begin 05/15/2008 and continue until the positions are filled. 

·         Project Director, Home Visiting, The Pew Charitable Trusts -- The Pew Charitable Trusts has begun a search for the Project Director, Home Visiting Project, in the Pew Center on the States, a division of The Pew Charitable Trusts.  The Pew Center on the States (PCS) works to advance state polices that serve the public interest.  The project director could start immediately and will be in place for an initial 18 months through March 2010, with the potential for renewal pending the success of the initial stage and board decisions on continued support for an additional 3 1/2 years.   The successful candidate will be responsible for implementing the home visiting strategy and accountable for accomplishing its goals, supervising project staff and managing the day to day administration of the initiative.  The ideal candidate will have a minimum of 10 years of experience that demonstrates a high level of understanding of early childhood policy, including working with state policy makers, researchers, advocates and other stakeholders.  Excellent knowledge of the current trends, principal theories, leading thinkers, evidence base, major concerns and climate for change in the field also required.  Bachelor’s degree is required, and an advanced degree in public policy or other relevant field is preferred.  The position is located in Washington, D.C. and is open until filled.   Pew offers a competitive salary and excellent benefits package including four weeks vacation, a generous 401(k) plan and flexible benefit options.  For application instructions and to view the full job description candidates are invited to visit the Careers@Pew page on our Web site at www.pewtrusts.org.

·         e-Luminate Group has two jobs:

1.    Seeking an experienced, energetic PR professional to join our team as a Senior Account Executive. Candidates must have 5-7 years experience developing strategic communications plans, leading accounts, managing client relationships and delivering solid results.  The ideal candidate is a self-starter who has superior critical thinking skills, exercises good judgment, is a creative, ‘out-of the-box’ thinker, and has excellent writing and interpersonal skills.  Must be a self-starter and multi-tasker, have excellent communications skills and work well in a fast-paced, collaborative environment.  e-Luminate Group is a leading education consulting firm, and our Marketing Communications team is growing!  Our team has a powerful combination of industry expertise, marketing-savvy and PR know-how. We represent some of the most well-known companies in the education arena.  Requirements: Bachelors degree in Journalism, Communications, PR or related field. Agency experience preferred! Salary is commensurate with experience; includes attractive benefits package.  For more information, please visit our Web site: www.e-luminategroup.com. How to apply:  Please submit resumes to: jobs@eluminategroup.com. Applicants should send a detailed cover letter describing their profile and include a resume. References will be required.

2.    Seeking an experienced, energetic PR professional to join our team as an Account Supervisor.  Candidates must have strong managerial experience and a successful track record of managing accounts, leading teams and delivering solid results.  As Account Supervisor, you will cultivate and manage relationships with clients, participate in business development and support organizational initiatives. The ideal candidate is a self-starter who has superior critical thinking skills, exercises good judgment, is a creative, ‘out-of the-box’ thinker, and has excellent writing and interpersonal skills.  Must work well in a fast-paced, collaborative environment.  Qualifications: Bachelors degree in Journalism, communications, PR or related field, a minimum of 7 years of PR/Marketing/Communications experience, self-starter and highly motivated, ability to balance strategy with execution, outstanding organization skills, creative and pragmatic thinker, excellent communication and presentation skills, and ability to multitask effectively in a fast-paced environment.  Please submit resumes to: jobs@eluminategroup.com. Applicants should send a detailed cover letter describing their profile and include a resume. References will be required.



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