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MEDIA: Ed Writers Award The Good (Mostly)

There's lots of good writing among the EWA winners that were just announced -- as well as a number of stories I'd never seen before and a couple of awardees that I have issues with:

Seuss-bigFrancisco Alvarado, Miami New Times, gets kudos for what may be the best story title of the bunch ("The F-School Bomb").

Emily Alpert's story looks like the one I most want to read:  "The School Guru Who Promised Rescue and Brought Ruin."

I recall having some issues with the reporting and causality in the Chicago Sun-Times' series, “Schooled in Fear,” though it was no doubt vivid writing.

Yay, Sarah Karp and John Myers for their Catalyst oevre, “Class 2011.”

I loved the time-lapse story by David Andreatta, Max Schulte, Scott Sheils “Class Picture, catching up to a group of kindergarteners 12 years later.

I thought KCET's special, "Inside Locke High," was powerful but perhaps too sentimental in its portrayal of some of the kids attending the "new" Locke high school.  (Then again, I saw Revolutionary Road last night.)

Check 'em all out.  Congrats to all. 


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