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DUNCAN: EdSec Continues To Make Things Up

C0409_WhatArneLearnedJennifer Tanaka has a new Q and A with Arne Duncan in the latest Chicago Magazine that you will probably want to check out. 

In the interview, Arne gives a number of hard-to-believe and/or wholly insufficient answers to Tanaka's questions.  

He explains away Chicago's notoriously short day and year with "It's always been that."  Thanks.

He claims that middle class parents have been returning to neighborhood schools around Chicago -- a claim that's entirely new and wholly unsupported by any demographic information that I've ever seen.

And, most  amazingly to me, he makes himself out to be some sort of long-standing standards guy when in reality he resisted and avoided even NCLB's (and Illinois') weak requirements.

When, I wonder, will some journalist with access -- they won't give me an interview -- pin Duncan down on some of these mistruths and changed tunes? It's OK that he's thinking about things differently now, but it's not that OK that he gets to make things up or ignore his own record.  

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Maybe he learned from Michelle Rhee, who is truly one of the most brazen resume-fakers around.

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