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BLOGS: A Quick Spin Around The Blogosphere

A better approach to school reform Baltimore Sun
Therefore, may I suggest that the president and Education Secretary Arne Duncan work to better organize the nation's public school systems instead of ...

Perdue: Racing to Base Camp Charlie Barone
At least one Governor wants to do the right thing with ARRA stimulus education money.

South Carolina's Governor vs. Obama, the Knockout  Politics K12
Rebuffed a second time by the White House, Mark Sanford is now turning down $700 million in stimulus dollars, which would have been used primarily for education.

A shift in philosophy at the ED? Knowledge Alliance
We think that ED Daily made a very interesting observation last week about an apparent major shift in ED policy from previous administrations.

The Big Laugh Ed Notes Online
When this was brought up at the Labor Notes Troublemakers School on Saturday, every UFT'er in the room laughed.

Book Review: COLUMBINE DetentionSlip

The author digs deep into the minds of the killers, their classmates, the police, and the entire community in his detailed, graphic account of this unfortunate day in our history.

Nancy Pelosi was setting a trap, an Official Dem ... Daily Howler
On Monday, we’ll return to Arne Duncan’s fascinating statement to Brooks about the way some states “lie to parents.” In the meantime, we’ll advise Obama not to bother trying to “master quantum mechanics.”

Obama's Ed Speech: Misinformed, or ... Change.gov
If Obama innocently passed his talking points along from Arne Duncan's team at the DoE, then we have cause to worry that our Secretary of Education lacks either knowledge or intellectual integrity, and neither explanation is encouraging ...

Education's Ground Zero Washington Post
Education reform could be the most potent antipoverty program in the country, and Ms. Rhee represents the vanguard in this struggle to try new tools to revive American schools.

Improvement requires will AJC editorial board
While the reforms championed by Obama are worthwhile, none is new.


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Thanks for the linkage, but fyi, it's change.org, not change.gov. Not the first time that mistake has happened. (And for the record, change.org was in operation a year before .gov.)

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