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CHICAGO: So Many Kids Dying That They Can't Keep Track

Is it 27, 28, or 29? 

Chicago-theatreThere are so many kids being killed in Chicago this school year -- a record high despite lots of bloodshed in the past -- that they can't seem to keep track. 

Ditto for the number of kids who've been shot. One estimate has it that over 500 kids during the past 18 months.  Another says it's double that. 

What no one disagrees about is that few of the incidents are happening in schools or during school hours. 

Amidst the carnage, no one knows whether to address -- and report -- this through the schools or through law enforcement, or both. 

In the past, I've argued that kids killed out of school are kids, not students.  At this point, I'm not sure it matters.

Teen is 29th CPS student killed this school year Sun Times
CPS: Actually, 27 kids were killed this school year Sun Times


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Everyone needs to read "Code of the Street" by Yale sociologist Elijah Anderson. People should also take a look at his introductory chapter in "Against the Wall: Poor, Young, Black, and Male" (2008).

Anderson does not provide any magic answers, but he does a great deal to illuminate the path that could lead us to the answers.

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