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CELEBRATIONS: St. Patrick's Day In The 'Hood

St_patricks_day_clipart_2 I don't know if this is an LA thing or what, but St. Patrick's Day is (I found out yesterday) a very big deal in South Central Los Angeles.  I've never seen so many African-American folks wearing green -- not even in Boston.  Little kids with construction paper headbands.  Every variation of green you can imagine -- no particular focus on kelly green.  And weather in the 80s.  Maybe I'm just ignorant but it certainly isn't like this in Chicago.  Not sure about other places.  It was very sweet, if sort of strange.  Who knew that a holiday focused on pasty white folks getting all happy would be so popular in such an unlikely place.  But I guess people take on / take over all sorts of holidays. 


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Hmm. In CA we didn't know that St Patrick's Day was "a holiday focused on pasty white folks getting all happy." We thought it was about a Saint who rid snakes from Ireland. Shamrock is green and good luck, but we're not fussy about the shade of green. Corn beef and cabbage are on sale in the stores. School kids dress up (sorta Spring Halloween). More beer is consumed than usual. It's easier for kids to celebrate than holidays like Veterans' Day, Memorial Day, and such. We don't have any river to color green, but many bars color tap beer green.

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