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BLOGS: A Quick Spin Around The Internet

SwatTurmoil at Two KIPP Schools Jay Mathews
Can KIPP weather times of trouble as the network swells to 84 schools this summer? What happens the next few months at KIPP Fresno and KIPP AMP will provide some interesting answers.

Debate Over Curriculum Narrowing Continues The Hoff
The argument that NCLB is narrowing the curriculum is not going away.

KIPP, Kopp and Klein join the Advisory Board of the Broad Center
Working diligently to achieve their hostile takeover of public education.

Top 5 Vegetarian Friendly High Schools Chuck
While most of the free world drags it's knuckles catching up with the enlightened crowd, some US high schools are taking steps to offer dietary choices that are better for the environment, and better for the students.

Sad Third Grader Hopes to Work For Dov Charney
"Dear Mr. Charney," begins the most misguided letter ever from a third grader to someone she looks up to. What are they teaching in the schools now, porno sex for the kids?


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