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APRIL 1st: Fordham Fools

Fool For a long while, what seems like a long while ago, the education analysis from the Fordham Foundation (now Institute) was witty, self-deprecating, ideologically coherent, and, well, readable.

One of the highlights was their annual April Fool's education headlines, in which they made up all sorts of plausible-sounding nonsense and filled it with hot air quotes and sendups of everyone (including me).

In honor of Fordham's faded glory -- and in hopes of encouraging a return to form sometime before too long -- here are some suggested headlines for the Fordham April Fool's 2009:

Fordham staffer gets new job writing for "Two & A Half Men"
Credits Gadfly for honing his comic timing and depth of knowledge.

"Hey, what happened to my Foundation?"
Checker dismayed at decline during 10 month visit to Mongolia.

Former Bush staffer takes job working for Duncan
"I really didn't have as much government experience as I needed," said Petrilli.

Think you can do better?  Go for it. 

Your fool always



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Petrilli seen running naked around the Capitol screaming, "I'm not Limbaugh...really, I'm not. I'm not!" http://www.edexcellence.net/flypaper/index.php/2009/03/the-education-stimulus-the-result-of-amnesia-the-cause-of-schizophrenia/

"Charles Murray considers exception for Petrilli"
In which the infamous IQ impresario contemplates a possible flaw in his theory

"Fordham to Launch New Chain of "SAPP" Charter Schools: School As Paternalistic Paradise." Jay Mathews thrilled: "We don't need no stinkin' parents!"


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