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YALE SOM: Showdown In The Snow

Image001Be sure to come up and say hello if you're there on Friday in New Haven at Yale SOM's Third Annual education conference, which will include lots of reformy types such as Joel Klein and Michael Bennet as well other luminaries like Randi Weingarten and Alberto Carvahlo. 

There'll be a lot of understandable excitement about this whole Obama thing - as well as some uncertainty about the economy and this crazy charter unionization thing that's been bubbling around. 

As always, I'll be looking to see whether folks there are are figuring out how to work in the system as well as along side it, or just looking internally. Speaking of which, check out this EdWeek article from last week about programs like the Broad Residency that try and bring talent in -- ideally (in my mind) into districts not CMOs. 


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