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MEDIA: A Stimulus Program For Education News [corrected]

UPDATE:  See correction below.

Forget that other stimulus.  The Hechinger Institute has just announced the hiring of former Newsweek reporter Barbara Kantrowitz as a new part of their team.  (They also just announced a handful of Joyce education journalism fellows.)  And, while the press release (Hechinger Institute's Newest Addition) only hints at it, the Kantrowitz hire is apparently part of a much larger move on Hechinger's part to begin providing its own coverage of education issues -- and, along the way, make use of veteran journalists who may have been displaced.

Chicagonewspapersbyscottolson"The Institute's new mission is..to provide high level coverage of education [including] magazine articles, news analyses, backgrounders, op-eds, blogs and other forms of journalism," states one of the emails that have been passed along to me.  (Hechinger declined to comment provide any additional information.) "This content will be placed with existing news organizations and/or be distributed by the Institute, through multiple delivery channels."

Of course, Hechinger isn't alone in trying this approach.  ProPublica gives big mainstream media outlets its in-depth investigative pieces.  The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has started doing the same with health coverage. Indeed, the Spencer Fellowship program that I'm participating in this year is a close cousin -- subsidizing in-depth education reporting that otherwise would not likely be possible. Ad revenues and sponsorships aren't enough to pay for news anymore, and original reporting ain't cheap.

It's an exciting, risky move -- I'm eager to see how it pans out.  The trick for Hechinger is to make sure that the coverage that they create is good enough that big news outlets will distribute it, honest enough that readers don't feel like what they're getting is just some foundations' view of things, and yet not so "in your face" that other news outlets start to think of Hechinger as a competitor instead of an ally.


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