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MEDIA: Not Enough Education Goodies On ProPublica

 There's not a lot of investigative journalism out there these days -- or at least not as much as some folks would like. ProPublica is supposed to solve that. 

PropublicaBut what does ProPublica offer by way of education-related content? Not much, to be honest. There's no dedicated section to education issues. I can find just a few recent items related to education (Justice Department Sat on Youth Suicide Study).  And, last week, ProPublica ran an item on the school construction funding debate (How Much Your School District Stands to Lose) that seemed more like something the Administration would have put out than something independent or critical minded.  (In fact, PP was just passing along some numbers generated by the Dems to make the Senate bill look bad.) 

But all is not lost.  There's a good State-by-State Breakdown of the Economic Stimulus Plan that links to some IDEA and Title I numbers, for example. Now that the legislation is law, the information seems more useful (and less inflammatory) than back when the debate was in full swing.   


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