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HOT...FOR EDUCATION (2009): Call For Nominations

2719507430_6872c108f8_o Angelina-jolie-pregnantYes, it's almost time again for this blog's most disreputable -- and popular -- annual feature, Hot...For Education

But first, I need your ideas.Alas, Jon Hamm and Angelina aren't educators, policy wonks, reporters, or staffers. 

But maybe there's someone you work with who reminds you of them?

If you want some more inspiration, here are links to the previous three versions:2008, 2007), 2005.  There was no 2006 -- momentary shyness on my part, I think.   

Write in your suggestions below (you don't have to identify yourself), or send them to me at thisweekineducation at gmail.com.  Pics are helpful, too.  Have fun -- but remember to keep it clean.


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Jon Hamm used to be a high school drama teacher.

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