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TRANSITION: Policy Wonk Named OMB Education PAD

Gordon0915News came out Tuesday that, no surprise, the Center on American Progress' Robert Gordon has been named to a top education-related spot at the OMB:  OMB, White House Positions Announced (National Journal).  It's an important job in terms of shaping what the Obama administration does and doesn't do on education.  And you can see from his bio that he's a sharp and well-connected guy. 

But you can see by this slew of previous posts I've written about him (Better Politics, Not More Policy, Comparability, Meet Weighted Student Funding, Piling On The Democratic Think Tanks, It Takes More Than A Good Idea To Change Education, National Testing Jumps The Shark) that I think his smarts generally outweigh his understanding of education politics, and that his analysis on issues like WSF, national standards, comparability is much stronger than his (extremely limited) record of getting any of them moved forward.

PS: I'm told that Gordon is married to Catherine Brown, the former HRC committee and campaign aide who's now on the House education and labor committee. Power couple!

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